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0016227MediaMonkey 5Podcastspublic2022-06-28 13:48
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
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Summary0016227: Podcasts: UI Feature Tweaks for better presentation
DescriptionWhile testing 0016166 I noticed few things that can improve UI and user experience for podcasts and other Views of tracks that have Bookmarking enabled:
1. If View is focused to podcast view and one of shown podcast is playing then View should show Progress bar below Length along with realtime updates on progress (bug16227_Snap1.jpg)

2. Length Column On mouse Over Event an tooltip with Total Length, Played Lengths and Percentage of played track would be informative to user

2a. if implemented it could be useful that percentage also show >100% if track is replayed number of times eg. 217% in case tracks Played# is 2.17

3. Unlike Podcast Browser view, List View do not have Column for Played mark under Play History

4. [Low Priority if we decide to implement] A cosmetic presentation as relation to 0016166 as if track is already fully played and then replayed by user to some extend again it could be informative that played mark show different color of current playing state and also show that track is already played eg. Inverted colors of Played mark
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Fixed in build


related to 0018183 closedpeke Bookmarking visual presentation in now playing is wrong 
related to 0016166 closedLudek Played mark for already played episodes 



2019-12-28 20:51


bug16227_Snap1.jpg (187,106 bytes)   
bug16227_Snap1.jpg (187,106 bytes)   


2022-06-28 13:48

developer   ~0068723

Resolved for now, no new reports were made and for past time I was not even noticed it.