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0015812MediaMonkey 5Properties/Auto-Toolspublic2019-07-23 10:48
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0015812: Deleted Comment remains on multi-file edit
DescriptionAfter deleting the Comment field value (leaving it empty) from multiple files the value remains for the first file.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open Properties for all Album file
2) Remove Disc#, Comment
3) Add Custom 1 & 4
4) Ok Properties dialog
5) Open Properties, Comment is still visible for the first file on Album
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Fixed in build


related to 0015808 feedbacklowlander After MM restart Custom 1-5 are duplicated in Custom 6-10 



2019-06-28 22:02


Comment Field doesn't delete.LOG (438,716 bytes)


2019-07-02 21:15

developer   ~0054075

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I cannot replicate at all and based on the log review and code revision I haven't found a reason for the issue :-/

Are you sure that this is not a test error and that you have tested the newest build?
Can you re-test please?
Is the issue that really only the first track has still the comment?
Does the comment disappear after MM5 restart (or it also remains in the database and file tag)?
Is it related to particular album?
By "Open Properties for all Album file" you mean selecting all files in an album view, right-click > Properties?

Also, it would be helpful if you could catch this in a video so that I am sure that I am using exactly the same steps and see what the issue is.


2019-07-19 20:48

developer   ~0054172

Yes, this is still reproducible and persists after restart.

Take an Album, select all files on it, open Properties. Remove Comment, update Custom 4. OK. Comment for file 1 still shows.

Comment Field doesn't delete 2.LOG (210,471 bytes)


2019-07-23 10:47

developer   ~0054193

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I am testing directly on your database (where all is much slower) and still cannot replicate.

1) On which album you are testing? In which view (node, view selected)? Could you attach at least screenshot? Ideally catching this in a video.
2) How exactly do you verify whether the comment is deleted or not?
3) Is the step of updating 'Custom 4' important to replicate the issue?
4) Did you wait until the progress bar with "X files to be tagged" and "X database entries to be updated" disappeared after the edit?