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0014936MediaMonkey 5Syncpublic2020-12-17 07:07
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.1 
Summary0014936: Cloud scanning: Add scan results dialog
DescriptionIn case of scanning of local media we have a Scan result dialog of how many files were added/update, but in case of cloud scanning there is no scan result dialog, so user is unaware of how many files were added, how many were just paired with local (existing) tracks and/or updated.
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related to 0014983 closedLudek Cloud sync: further sync/scan sub-options 



2018-07-03 13:45

developer   ~0050691

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I suppose that the Scan result dialog would be undesired in case of scheduled scan, but in case of manual scan (by OKing Add/Rescan... dialog) it should show the results. Currently the results are shown only for local and nework files and the cloud scan process seems independent. This looks like a bug.


2018-07-04 15:18

developer   ~0050698

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User is rather looking for kind of "confirmation" dialog, maybe it could be scan/sync results with kind of "undo".
To be figured out how to make this well working and not annoying for scheduled scan/sync.

More at:

After playing MM5 GPM sync a little, I think that people may be concerned about using it, as it is at the moment.

If I sync from my MMA db, I know exactly what I am going to be syncing back to my MMW db.

A person's GPM library is a bit more an unknown thing. The Google UI for building, managing, and observing the library is just horrible. ... It is hard to know|remember just what is in there. There can be duplicates. There can be junk you added once, and forgot about.

Maybe I just want to sync just 1 new album, or just a few selected tracks.

Syncing the whole library back is a great bonus from MM5, as long as there is visibility to see what it has done ... and there is some way that it can be fully or partially undone ... a preview before adding tracks would be preferable ... ie. facility where I could cancel the import of all, or selected, tracks or albums.

At the moment there is poor visibility. ... There is no preview of what is going to be added. ... No facility to seek approval. ... The Music > Location > GPM is way that the additions can be detected and removed ... but are you going leave this as is? ... and before the fact preview would be better that after the fact damage repair.


2018-07-24 18:33

developer   ~0050811

It seems that this could be superseded by 0014983


2020-12-17 07:07

administrator   ~0060858

The scan results dialog ( 0014983 ) seems to address this issue providing feedback that the scan occurred, and what content was added. The only thing unclear to me is that when a sync operation is performed (rather than just a scan), scanning occurs, but the scan results dialog doesn't always appear.