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0010640MediaMonkey 4Properties/Auto-Toolspublic2016-12-12 00:13
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Product Version4.1 
Summary0010640: Maintan library: Selection of common maintan tasks
DescriptionCurrently there is only one manual selection of tasks that MMW will do under Maintain Library, by introducing new features it could be useful to make small drop down selection in dialog that will automatically select some of tasks eg.

- Create Compilation/Multi-Artist Albums (All off except Multi Artist Albums)
- Recheck MMW caches (Virtual CD, Previews, Album art 0010639, Full text Search)
- Quick Optimize (Virtual CD, Previews, Quick optimize)
- Full Optimize (Virtual CD, Previews, Album art 0010639, Full text Search, Full Optimize)
- Custom (Current Behavior)
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Fixed in build


related to 0013741 closedjiri MediaMonkey 5 Album Art: Handling Linked Album art 


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