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0006492MediaMonkey (current)Skinspublic2011-01-12 23:59
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0006492: Large icons for common devices
DescriptionMM should include at least several icons for several common devices as described in 0006490.

Required icon sizes are:
Small icon (for tree): 16x16
Large icon (for device panel): between 64x64 and 128x128

1) Generic device (to go with the generic 16x16 icon)
2) iPod
3) iPad
4) iPhone
5) iPod Shuffle
6) iPod Touch
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Fixed in build1335


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related to 0007001 closedLudek Device icon isn't shown on skinless version 
child of 0006490 closedLudek New Sync UI 



2010-09-21 02:40

developer   ~0020557

I have several free images that could be useful for this.


2010-09-21 17:07

administrator   ~0020559

Stephen, if you have any such icons, please post them (or links to them), indicating the source/license. Thanks.


2010-09-21 17:21

developer   ~0020560

These are all the sources for the images I have. Not sure about the licensing on them other than the last link (fugue icons by pinvoke which we already credited). I have the images compiled together at:


2010-10-11 23:05

developer   ~0020728

Moved from 0006490:

b) Show larger icon (should be included with the device plug-ins). Note that currently, the device plug-in can return a path to icon file in case it's a known device - which is the case of iPods (only two icons for all of them) and about 4 specific WMDM devices (mostly for OEMs). These icons are supposed to be 16x16, so there's nothing nice for the Summary page. What could be improved:
 - i. Some devices return their icon over WMDM interface (even large one), it could be used.
 - ii. We could make a collection of few most common icons and device plug-ins would provide them to the main application (iPods, etc.). Note that we should make sure that we aren't used any copyrighted work!
 - iii. We should have one large generic icon, to be used when neither a nor b applies. This seems to be the number 1 priority for now.
c) We could let user to edit the icon (by double clicking it, or right-click menu?). This edited icon could be sent to us as a part of device profile when user does so.


2010-10-11 23:07

developer   ~0020729

I think that at least 100x200 icons would be nice (like in iTunes), see my sample icon in build 1315.


2010-11-15 12:35

developer   ~0021354

Last edited: 2010-11-15 15:09

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In the build 1326 is implemented the ability to change the image and added some default images.

You can change the image via Device Configuration -> Options -> Device Profile
and there you can select a non-default custom image, image is auto-resized to 150x200 and the original ratio is kept.

I added only iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry default images so far (stored in MediaMonkey/Plugins/DeviceImages/)

So review this in the build 1326 and assign to me once you get the default images.


2010-11-29 13:45

developer   ~0021512

Last edited: 2010-11-29 13:46

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In build 1329 I added some others icons from the Stephan's package (for iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPhone4, iPad), so review whether the copyright is all right or get some others icons.


2010-12-10 13:20

developer   ~0021717

Last edited: 2010-12-10 13:21

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Added new Android, Nokia icons in build 1334
+ fixed the old icons
+ added the icon for unknown device (same as Android so far)


2010-12-16 14:17

developer   ~0021864

Changed icon format to 256x256 in order to be compatible with 0006979

Current resize algorithm:
- if width or height is large than 256 then it is auto-resized to 256, but the original ratio is kept
- if width and height is smaller then 128 then it is auto-resized to 128, but the original ratio is kept, Mitchel's filter is used so it looks fine even for very small (16x16) icons


2011-01-12 23:59

developer   ~0022335

verified 1343