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0001412MediaMonkey (current)DB/FileMonitorpublic2017-09-28 15:43
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Target Version4.1.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0001412: Changed capitalization not recognized in some cases and is inconsistent with MMA
DescriptionIn the course of testing tagging, I noticed that sometimes, MM doesn't recognize changes that are make to certain fields.

For example:
File: The Perfect Kiss.mp3
Title: The Perfect Kiss
Artist: New Order
Album: (the best of) New Order

i) Change (in winamp or in another instance of MM running remotely) New Order --> new Order
---> On rescan (or using the file monitor), the change is not recognized

ii) Change (in winamp or in another instance of MM running remotely) (the best of) New Order --> (The best of) New Order
---> On rescan (or using the file monitor), the change is not recognized

Interestingly, when testing with the file monitor, immediately after making the change in Winamp, I can see the Track in question in MM's tracklist being modified (to something--can't see exactly what it happens too quickly) and then reverting to it's current state.

Note: this problem doesn't seem to occur with the 'Title' field.

The fix agreed upon is that whether MM is configured to 'read tags' and then 'infer properties' or vice versa during a scan:
 a) Never automatically change capitalization for tracks that are newly added to the library, since it's impossible to know whether the new spelling is right or wrong.
 b) When tracks that are already in the library are rescanned and the result of the rescan is that the Artist/Album is capitalized differently than currently spelled in the library, then one can assume that the change in spelling is a correction, and can therefore be propagated to other instances of the same Artist or Album.
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2004-06-02 07:34

administrator   ~0004245

It actually isn't a bug, it's caused by the fact that there cannot exist two artists or albums in MM that differ only in capitalization, e.g. 'new Order' and 'New Order' in your case. If MM scans only one track of a given album then capitalization changes are properly scanned, but if MM scans one track with 'new Order' artist and another with 'New Order', there isn't any good solution how to decide which version is better and the last one scanned wins.

The only option how to do this properly is either to change the artist directly in MM or to change all instances of artist name (in all tracks of your collection) using e.g. WinAmp.


2004-06-02 10:09

administrator   ~0004247

Just tested this out again and:
1) Your explanation doesn't account for why this is occuring in the Album field
2) I changed Artist capitalization in MM to new Order (causing all instances of that particular artist to be changed). I then verified on the second machine and found that as the directory was re-scanned, all but the first New Order entry changed from New Order to new Order. Then they all reverted to New Order (i.e. the change wasn't reflected in the remote machine). I only tried this once--it may be caused by a failed tag update on one of the tracks, but even if that's the case, MM's behaviour is still unexpected.



2004-06-02 12:48

administrator   ~0004251

Last edited: 2013-01-10 14:51

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As discussed over IM:
The problem is that the functionality assumes that the library is always correct: i.e. sometimes the local library may be correct, but just as often, the new tags will be correct--especially when they've been modified manually rather than being scanned for the first time.

Note also, this bug manifests itself in a different way that we'd discussed another time: when tracks are added to the library, the spelling for Artists and/or Albums is sometimes changed incorrectly, depending on the order in which tracks are scanned into the library.

I would suggest that there are a few ways of fixing this:
1) Don't automatically change capitalization on scanning, and ignore capitalization for the purposes of Artist and Album nodes. The impact would be that sometimes there would be multiple nodes for artists or albums that are spelled the same, however, the user can easily correct this--manual modification of a single Artist or Album entry would change all of them (even when capitalization doesn't match). At a later date, when we add the Spellcheck functionality (0000687) this process could be even further automated.

2) Continue to automatically change capitalization on scanning, but change it based on what format is used by the majority of track _tags_ for that Artist or Album. This will eliminate the problem in most cases.

3) Continue to automate change capitalization, but give the user the choice of what format to use. I'm not that keen on this because it would slow down what should be a very quick non-manual operation.

4) A variation on 1): When new tracks are added to the library, never automatically change capitalization, since it's impossible to know whether the new spelling is right or wrong. BUT when a track that already exists in the library is being modified with new Artist or Album, then the change should propagate, since MM can assume that the change was a correction.

I would rather not modify this now because it would influence many internal operations and I'm quite afraid of this.

4) is probably the best solution


2013-11-27 08:53

administrator   ~0038394

Per 0011516, this would probably be best to really modify on MMW side, something like 4) could work fine. Since it's a non-trivial modification, it should be targeted to MMW5.