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0002364MediaMonkey (current)Main Panel/Toolbars/Menuspublic2009-05-31 10:45
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.1 
Summary0002364: 'My Computer' node infers properties even when 'infer properties' is completely disabled
DescriptionThis was reported by a user and I subsequently verified it. It's similar to a couple of other 'infer properties' bugs, but a bit worse because it occurs even when infer properties is disabled!!

User report:

Part of my collection is videogame music, a genre for which I don't really know the artists, and don't often care. I like to leave the artist and track tags empty, because they rarely apply to videogames.

Directory structure for the game Homeworld 2 is like so: I:\_Music\Game\Homeworld 2\songs.ogg

I open it up and as soon as I click the Homeworld 1 folder while using the my computer dropdown in the left pane, MM fills the artist tags with Game, and fills the track tags with numbers it pulls from the filenames.
I have unchecked infer track properties, and told it to get track numbers from tag only, yet it seems to be inferring quite a bit.

If I select all the songs and delete the inferred tags manually, therefore writing these tags to disk, the next time I click on that folder with MM the tags will be filled again.

I know that the inferred tags are not written to disc until I edit the songs and click ok, but even so, when I edit the tracks all of the incorrect and useless information is in the resulting edit box (artist name and album artist both set to "Game")

I just want it to never ever ever automatically set tags from foldername, filename, playlists, anything! I thought that unclicking the infer tags checkbox would do that.
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Fixed in build1185


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2008-07-24 22:07

developer   ~0014411

Fixed in 1185


2009-05-31 10:45

updater   ~0018081

Last edited: 2009-06-03 16:38

Re Rusty's

> a bit worse because it occurs even when infer properties is disabled!!

note that the only "infer properties is disabled" Option is defined to apply only to the library, whereas this issue is in My Computer. EDIT: and hence this Summary

"'My Computer' node infers properties even when 'infer properties' is completely disabled"

is inaccurate.