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0002165MediaMonkey (current)Properties/Auto-Toolspublic2010-12-20 20:17
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.1 
Target Version3.1.2Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0002165: 'My Computer' node infers properties of tracks that are already in the DB
DescriptionThis is a rather serious bug in which updating a field by deleting its contents fails to update the tag correctly.
I've replicated the problem by going to the MM\My Computer\<Any Directory> node and deleting field X for a particular file. In many cases, if I refresh the directory, it appears that the field has NOT been deleted!

Listed below are the fields that consistently failed to delete for various formats (I only tested Artist, Album, Title, Year, Genre fields):
MP3: Artist, Title
FLAC: Title, Artist, Album, Genre
OGG: Title, Artist (Deleting the Artist changed it to '01' in one case), Album (failed in 1/2 tests)
WMA: Title, Artist, Year, Genre
MPC: Title, Artist, Album, Genre
APE: Title, Artist, Album, Genre
Additional InformationOriginally reported at:

I'm guessing that this is another instance of this problem
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Fixed in build1185


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2005-12-06 11:08

administrator   ~0006521

I tested (with mp3) and understand what's going on. Tags are properly updated, or, to be correct, respective fields in tags are deleted. However then, when a screen in MM is refreshed, MM newly reads everything from files and part of this process is also 'guessing' of empty values from filenames.

So this explains why after deleting some values they appear back. Question is whether anything should be done about this, and what then. We can continue over IM...


2005-12-06 14:02

administrator   ~0006524

What I don't understand, though, is that I _didn't_ rescan the files in question. All I did was refresh the screen!

Are you saying that MM infers properties on each view (i.e. even when files aren't being rescanned)?

Possible solution:
Tracks that are part of the library already should not be updated based on 'inferences' (inferences should only be used for tracks that are newly added to the library).


2005-12-06 14:44

administrator   ~0006526

As discussed, best approach would be to put in an 'empty field' via each of the plugins. However, this is risky at this stage and should be deferred beyond 2.5.


2006-12-18 10:52

administrator   ~0008308

As I think about details of the proposed solution, I find that it isn't good. First of all, although it can be implemented for most formats, it isn't specifications conformant, empty fields shouldn't be written to tags. However, even bigger problem is in the fact that it wouldn't work for WMA at all, because we don't directly write fields there, WM layer does it and so empty fields aren't written.

I'd rather say, that the problem lies in the fact that both scanning of new tracks and browsing My Computer node uses the same settings for properties inferring from filename. While automatic inferring of properties on scanning of new tracks seems to make a good sense, it would possibly be better to not infer track properties in My Computer node and only show real content of tags there. There should be a specific settings for this somewhere (Tags options sheet?).


2007-01-09 21:22

administrator   ~0008401

I would suggest that we simply disable this functionality for now (if we were ever to include it, it should be accessible without going into the options menu but rather via the main panel).


2007-01-15 12:48

administrator   ~0008437

Assigning to Petr to resolve as discussed, i.e. MM won't infer any track properties when browsing in My Computer node, i.e. the real tag content will be shown there. On the other hand, on scanning track properties will be inferred as they currently are - based on settings on Library sheet in Options.


2007-01-26 19:23

developer   ~0008500



2008-07-07 17:32

administrator   ~0014323

Tested in and there's still a problem:

When the user is browsing the My Computer node, inferred metadata doesn't display; but when the user starts playing a track in the My Computer Node, inferred metadata magically appears!

You can easily reproduce this by playing a track that has a full filename (e.g. of the form <Artist> - <Album> - <Track>.mp3) but no metadata.


2008-07-07 21:16

developer   ~0014326

Fixed in 1185


2009-06-17 15:26

updater   ~0018421

"(0014323) rusty (administrator) 2008-07-07 13:32" found unfixed in 1256. See

Perhaps this should be Mantised as a separate issue?


2009-10-01 21:45

developer   ~0019020

Fixed in 1300


2010-12-20 20:17

developer   ~0021965

Verified 1336