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0009421MediaMonkey 4Burning / Disc Handlingpublic2022-04-29 01:04
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PriorityhighSeverityminorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
Status resolvedResolutionnot fixable 
Product Version4.0.5 
Target Version4.0.7Fixed in Version4.0.6 
Summary0009421: Ripping fails for some users when 'Secure read' mode is selected (regression on x64)
DescriptionSome users reported that ripping in secure mode fails with
One user reported that last working build is

It is strange as there wasn't any disc handling change in build 1489, the only changes were in build 1480 only when 'Verify ripped tracks' is enabled.
But user confirmed the failure happens even when 'Verify ripped tracks' is disabled. And that he is 100% sure that last working build is 1488.
The only that could have an impact seems to be 0009326 ?
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Fixed in build1498


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2012-06-11 18:55

developer   ~0031348

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It is due to 0009326 as confirmed here:


2012-06-12 16:36

developer   ~0031355

Peke, Stephen and Rusty confirmed no problems when ripping in secure mode.

We confirmed with the user here: [^]
that the problem doesn't appear for him when size of read buffer is the same as in case of standerd read (63 KB) then it works fine, but if it is 512 KB or bigger (like in case of secure read) then it fails. So the solution is reduce size of read buffers in case of secure reading.


2012-06-13 19:15

developer   ~0031367

Fixed in build 1498.


2012-06-20 10:30

developer   ~0031402

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There is one user for who it still fails on Vista x64 although the read buffers in secure mode are same as in the standard read mode. Solving via ticket ID: FGM-971451


2012-06-21 08:34

developer   ~0031425

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I am waiting for the user reply, but it is a low level problem and it looks that we cannot do much about it. We should add KB article for users experiencing this problem

1. Ensure that the drive firmware is up-to-date
2. Try switch Rip Type from 'Secure read' to 'Standard read'
3. If 1&2 doesn't help then use "CFF Explorer.exe" in the section 'File Header' and DISABLE the checkbox "App can handle > 2GB address space" for MediaMonkey.exe and MediaMonkey (non-skinned).exe

Re 3) See screenshots here:


2012-06-21 14:50

administrator   ~0031432

KB is updated at


2015-02-05 16:04

developer   ~0041971

Current KB link is