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0007964MMW v4Otherpublic2015-02-05 15:13
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Target Version4.0.7 
Summary0007964: Problem with some sheets/dialog boxes and Remote Desktop, skinned MM
DescriptionThis is the long time bug, since 2.x, manifesting only with skinned MM on some computers using Remote Desktop. I have MM installed on one XP SP2 machine which I am controlling with RD from Vista and another XP computer. Some sheets/dialog boxes has a bad refresh during their opening, so it looks like a sheet is transparent in the moment of displaying as you could see from screenshots that I posted in this thread:

It is interesting that different sheets/dialog boxes had this problem with different MM versions ( In the latest 1391 version they are messed Playback Rules, Library and Skin sheets on the Options dialog box, also Basic tab on the File (Track) Properties dialog box and some scripts (e.g. Magic Nodes, RegExp). The last tab of the Burn wizard has also the same issue, maybe even some another dialog box that I haven't tried.

I cannot remember how it was with MM2 and MM3 with different skins, although in 1391 that problem has Vitreous and Glided skins, but not Pulse and 4-Delletronic eee. However, it is even more strange because Glided has not that problem with dialog boxes from the mentioned scripts, but Vitreous has it even with them.

I remember that I had that problem with some of my script during its design when I added/moved some controls on the form, but when I temporary removed almost all controls from the form, just because of curiosity, then that problem disappeared (when I added the same controls back, that problem appeared again).

Some users don't have such problem and they are suggesting that the problem is because of Remote Desktop server/client. I cannot agree with them because:
- I am using RD for years with hundreds of programs and never had such problem, except with MM;
- there is problem only with skinned version of the program;
- there is problem only with some skins;
- there is problem only with some sheets/dialog boxes;
- some of dialog boxes with some skins displays normally, but with another skin has issues.
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2011-06-16 14:59

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Dialogs with the problem mentioned at 0005745:
Tools > Options > Skins
Properties panel