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0007686MediaMonkey 4Main Panelpublic2011-04-23 20:17
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
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Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.1 
Summary0007686: Album Art View: Plain Album Art Viewing
DescriptionAs Reported by DreadM I would be useful to have simplified Album Art View but only having Album arts displayed without any Text (Album/Track info would be in Tooltip). This is especially worth for Smaller Devices that uses 10" and smaller Screens. Or Even imagine 42" TV (22" Monitor right now) in Party Mode that shows this View and you are using touch screen to navigate.

That view should be easily configurable with Album art size (32x32, 96x96,...), Sorting (a-z, z-a) and double click behavior (Navigate Tree to Album, Play Album/Play Now)

For touch screen capabilities it would be nice if in this view Mouse clicks could be switched (Let<->Right) so that context menu is shown on left click.

NOTE: View would be without Columns
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Fixed in build


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2011-04-22 07:37

administrator   ~0024436

An AA view improvement that should be discussed for 4.1.


2011-04-22 10:19

developer   ~0024438

I uploaded Suggestion mockup on FTP that is showing Full Screen MM Album Art Browser that can be easily used in Party Mode.