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0004769MediaMonkey 4Otherpublic2009-04-05 14:24
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Fixed in Version3.1 
Summary0004769: Podcasts: Need to add <guid> episode tag to the database
DescriptionCurrently we use episode URL or combination of {Date, title, Podcast} as episode identifier, but episode URL cannot be used for identification in some cases, e.g. contains episodes with URL = 'xxx.mp3?a78aef9b55a6502f3c6c67b5cf52409697495f8a16bbd0aee1f528bf1cd0ac42' and the part after '?' sign is variable for the same episode each time it is updated !
Also itpc:// seems to generate some random key in the URL for each episode.
These issues are solved by a workaround, but there are some podcasts that have just one entry that is updated daily. So every day a new episode with a new GUID is build, but the XML File has just one entry with the same URL.
(see the item 2 on

According to Podcast specification (
There should be used <guid> tag as episode global unique identifier,
but be careful taht some podcasts like that:
are missing the <guid> tag from episodes.

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Fixed in build1196



2008-06-23 16:04

developer   ~0014297

Fixed in build 1184.


2009-04-05 14:24

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