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0004088MediaMonkey 4Playlist / Searchpublic2009-02-21 04:50
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0 
Fixed in Version3.1 
Summary0004088: Search Results node is filled with non-sensical searches --> Optimize timer
DescriptionThe search results node is filled with searches that are useless as a result of MM generating a new node each time there is a 1 letter change in the search term.

e.g. Typing "Jo....h...n" (... denotes wait time) yields the following search result nodes:

Similarly, if the user types "Help" and then presses the delete key 4 times, the following search result nodes appear:

MM should only generate a new node when a new term is entered. I'm hoping you have an idea for a good algorithm :)
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Fixed in build1185


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2007-12-05 18:35

developer   ~0012304

Last edited: 2007-12-05 18:39

I've got 2 ideas about this solution:

1) Increase timer's interval (latency) in which the search action starts,
currently it is in 500 milliseconds, could be increased to 1200 ms??

2) Replace the node 'Joh' by 'John' and vice versa according to this algorithm:
a) If the next search term (e.g. 'John') contains the last search term (e.g. 'Joh') then replace the last search node.
b) If the next search term (e.g. 'Joh') is contained within the last search term (e.g. 'John') then replace the last search node.

3) Combination of 1 & 2.

Assigning to Rusty for review my suggested solution (I prefer 2).


2007-12-05 20:56

developer   ~0012307

Implemented 2) in build 1113.

Check it out, seems to work fine for me.


2007-12-07 14:24

administrator   ~0012348

Tested in 1114 and it works great.

I would only suggest one thing. With the new algorithm, the timer latency can be reduced in order to increase perceived responsiveness. Generally audio latencies of 150-250 ms are not perceptible by humans, so I would expect that latencies of 125-200 wouldn't be perceptible for visual information.


2007-12-09 18:24

developer   ~0012427

Ok, the latency in which the query starts is reduced from 500ms to 200ms in build 1116.


2007-12-09 19:08

developer   ~0012431

Maybe it is for new Bug, but until you do not restart MM you can't delete past Searches from Tree you do not need anymore.


2007-12-09 21:06

developer   ~0012435

Ok, I've opened 4111 for this.


2007-12-10 11:08

developer   ~0012447

Verified 1116


2007-12-10 19:56

administrator   ~0012454

I think there's room for further optimization here, though I'm not certain of the best approach. I find that:

-There are still nodes created that aren't desired
-Search is still slightly 'delayed'

Perhaps the best approach would be to only create persistent nodes when the return key is pressed and eliminate the delay altogether? I'm not sure--I just think that it can be made to feel a little more snappy.


2008-08-25 18:49

developer   ~0014477

Re: -There are still nodes created that aren't desired:

I see, you think the case if user type 'God' and then continues searching for 'Good' (i.e. he moved the cursor to the left and then typed 'o')
Yes, in this case there should not be a new node created.

It is fixed in build 1185.

Re: -Search is still slightly 'delayed':
This depends on performance of the full-text search operations. The new full-text search engine should resolve this.


2009-02-21 04:50

developer   ~0016840

verified 1224