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0003754MediaMonkey 4Playlist / Searchpublic2008-11-27 04:43
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
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Product Version3.1 
Fixed in Version3.1 
Summary0003754: Search bar: Configureable search mode on a per root node basis
DescriptionIn 3631 we define default search modalities that should be set by default for different nodes (e.g. Web node should search Amazon by default).

This is good, but it is somewhat annoying as the user cannot configure defaults that persist.

A better, though slightly more complex solution is to allow users to set search options on a per Root-node basis. That way, searches would make sense based on the user's context. e.g.
-Library or sub to Library node: [Current Selection]/Entire Library Filtered
-Podcast: [Current Selection]
-Net Radio: [Entire Library]
-Web: [Amazon]

Note: this implementation is similar to Songbird's
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Fixed in build


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2008-07-17 16:02

administrator   ~0014377

Seems to make sense this way, assigning to Ludek to implement together with other search functionality changes.


2008-09-01 16:21

developer   ~0014507

Last edited: 2008-09-01 16:22

Ok, I have implemented this on the "Full-Text Search" SVN branch.

On the "Search" options page I added following:

Search Mode:
- Library or sub to Library node: [Entire Library ]
- Playlist node: [Current Selection]
- Podcast node: [Current Selection]
- Radio node: [Entire Library ]
- Web node: [Amazon ]
- Device or My Computer node: [Current Selection]

The functionality can be tested/reviewed by using the MM_FTS.exe and SQLite3.dll uploaded to our FTP, folder SQLite-FullText.


2008-09-03 21:05

administrator   ~0014524

I've tested the test build and the functionality works fine.

However, the design of the functionality is a bit confusing in the sense that changes to the search options made via the Search bar don't persist (i.e. they don't cause the config in the Options panel to change).

I suppose we'll get a better feel as the remaining Search changes are implemented.


2008-11-27 04:42

administrator   ~0015169

This works as designed, but as you pointed out, it can be a bit confusing. What works well is the customized searches for the different node types. e.g.
Web node: Amazon

However, for all of the other node types although the user can define the default behaviour, it can be confusing when the user changes the search setting and it doesn't persist after they switch nodes (e.g. Library to Playlist). On the other hand I can't think of anything better.

The only possible alternative would be to add a second search bar (like in firefox). One search bar would be global, and the other would only appear for Search Selected operations.

Closing for now...we'll see what users say.