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0003223MediaMonkey 4Playlist / Searchpublic2009-06-05 03:32
Reporteruser_DaleAssigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version3.1 
Summary0003223: search box actions should be available in hot key
Descriptionthese should be made available in hotkeys:

"focus search box"
"clear search box"

that way.. alot of quick searches can be done without having to manually click in the search box.
Additional InformationI would actually like to be able to have an option in hotkeys to "send all text to the search box" - so that you don't have to focus the search box at all but rather, just start typing.

It best be laid out as these options to be most useful:

[] send tracklist typing to search box
[] send tree typing to search box
[] send now playing typing to search box

When you consider using these functions with the old method of search.. it would be rather annoying... however, with "search in current node" set to on, this would become really useful and powerful.
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Fixed in build


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2007-07-09 17:41

administrator   ~0009662

Setting to 'high' for post 3.0 analysis.


2008-07-14 16:14

administrator   ~0014368

Once we implement full-text search, I would suggest that Ctrl-F should just go directly to the search bar, since it will be the preferred means of searching. If the user does ctrl-f again (while focus is on the search bar) then the search dialog can open.



2008-07-17 16:07

administrator   ~0014378

1. re. Ctrl-F goes to search bar - yes, seems to make sense.
2. re. The second Ctrl-F goes to search dialog - no, I don't like it much, I'd rather prefer different shortcuts. Otherwise users would get different result depending on focus, which probably wouldn't be desired.
3. re. sending traclist (and other controls) typing directly to search box (and thus actually disabling column based look ups) - it might be useful for some users, I'm for adding it as an option, possibly even the default one?


2008-07-17 21:28

administrator   ~0014389

2. OK. Perhaps CTRL-SHIFT-F. Also, perhaps now's the time to implement 0001637 . i.e. create a single shortcut for Advanced Searches / Auto Playlists and add a 'Save as AutoPlaylist' button to persist the searches.

3. I'm not quite clear what you mean.


2008-07-18 06:54

administrator   ~0014391

3. I was referring to what Dale in Additional Information part of this issue, i.e. a proposal to not require focus on Search Box, but also sending there all keys pressed e.g. in TrackList.


2008-07-18 09:07

updater   ~0014395

re: 3. adding it as the default one.
If I'm note mistaken, the default search mode is "search library"
- adding 'all' text to the search box would be counterproductive in this case, so I think it best not be the default.


2008-07-18 13:55

administrator   ~0014397

3. We could change the default search option to 'Current Selection'--then typing in the search box could be the default (even the _only_ behaviour). This is a pretty big change though, I'd want to experiment with it to see if it would really work well.


2008-07-18 17:14

updater   ~0014398

while I, personally, would be comfortable with a permanent change like that.. I don't think it's wise.. it would confuse alot of established users who would like to be able to "jump" up and down the tracklist by pressing the letters instead of searching.


2008-07-20 11:33

administrator   ~0014399

Assigning to Ludek to implement as an option together with other search improvements, based on alpha version feedback we can better decide.


2008-07-29 02:27

updater   ~0014422

just re-thinking about the hotkeys for search box and search dialog.

what about using "space" as the hotkey to focus the search box.
It's the largest key on the keyboard and therefore very quick to press and get used to pressing if you want to do a quick search.
- it would also allow you to keep the normal search dialog hotkey of ctrl-f

The only problem for this at the moment is 0004065.

other thoughts on this:
if ctrl-f is the shortcut to focus the searchbox, then let's look at the following situation.

- I press ctrl-f to do a search.. I type something in and don't find what I'm looking for.
- I then get distracted and do something else (iron my clothes)
- when I come back to the MM, I want to do another search.. so, forgetting that the search box is already in focus, I press ctrl-f again.
- MM could either:

     option a - highlight all text in the searchbox so that when I start typing, I don't notice anything different to usual search behaviour.


     option b - open the other search dialog which was previously mentioned.

alternatively.. look at the same situation with using "space" as the hotkey.

I come back to MM and hit space to do a search:
- MM adds a space to the end of my previous search

in summary:

using space:
o- is easier/quicker than ctrl-f for quick search.
o- leaves ctrl-f free for opening the search dialog.
x- doesn't allow hotkey use within the search box (because it's used as a space).

using ctrl-f:
o- can be used again for similar hotkey event or other hotkey event while in search box.
o- can be used to jump from editing one text box to the search box.
o- more well known as a hotkey for searching
x- slower to activate than a "space" hotkey.

I think that ctrl-f is a better option PROVIDED THAT "option a" is implemented (mentioned above). Otherwise, there is no real advantage which means space would be better because it's easier/quicker to press and allows ctrl-f to be used for the search dialogue.


2008-08-25 19:38

developer   ~0014479

Last edited: 2008-08-25 19:39

What about to use "Ins" (Insert) key as a shortcut for focusing the search bar?

1. This would make sense
2. No need to resolve 0004065, becasuse the Insert key is not usualy needed when typing in a tracklist/music tree

Problem: We currently use Ins as hotkey for 'Add/Rescan tracks to the library', we need to find another shortcut/hotkey for this?


2008-08-25 22:15

updater   ~0014484

I don't think ins would add the intended efficiency to this.
As far as I'm aware, ins isn't a commonly used key by most people - they would have to look at the keyboard and press it which doesn't gain much speed over using the mouse itself.


2009-06-05 03:32

developer   ~0018163

NOTE: By solving 0002430 we are able to use Pause/Break key in hotkeys.