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0002162MediaMonkey 4Otherpublic2012-01-12 21:49
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Target Version4.1 
Summary0002162: Users should be able to add/remove favorite radio stations
DescriptionUsers should be able to maintain a list of favorite radio stations. Favorites would appear in the list of Radio Stations directly below the 'Net Radio' node (or alternatively, in a Favorites node). Users should be able to:
. i) Add favorite stations (e.g. click currently playing station and then 'Add to Favorites')
. ii) When the user right clicks on the 'Net Radio' node, they would see 'Add currently playing Radio Station to favorites' as a content menu entry.
. iii) Remove favorite stations


MRU station (simpler alternative implementation): When a user plays a radio station, then the station is automatically added as a subnode to the 'Radio Stations' node. Up to 10 stations display in most-recently used style.
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2005-12-04 05:45

administrator   ~0006462

Last edited: 2005-12-04 05:46

Alternative implementation discussed with Jiri (originally raised in 2166 as a potential feature for MM 2.5.1 but rejected):

The 'Net Radio' node could behave exactly as a standard playlist (the only difference being that it cannot be deleted). That way, users could just drag stations that they like into the Net Radio node and all their stations would be stored (this already works correctly--i.e. stations can be 'dragged' into a 'Favorite Radio Stations' playlist, so there hopefully isn't really any new functionality to add, just a bit of re-organization.

Note: tracklist should have modified headings for this node (e.g. just 'Name' provided by the user and 'Station').

We could even pre-populate the 'Net Radio' node with a few radio stations so that users would understand that it can be used in the manner described.