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0019632MMANow Playingpublic2023-09-21 18:07
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0019632: Player display (miniplayer, Widget, Lock-screen) gets stuck on a track OR off by one in some cases
DescriptionAs reported at in some cases (repro steps unclear) both the MMA player widget and the Lock Screen player fall behind the currently playing track.

Debug log: 5394s9kvsu
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Fixed in build1074


related to 0019701 newmartin Playing queue behaves incorrectly if playing track is deleted 
has duplicate 0019598 resolvedmartin MediaMonkey for Android is broadcasting incorrect Album art fro Lock Screen 
related to 0020010 closedmartin Notifications player displays incorrect metadata (regression) 



2022-12-19 02:03

developer   ~0070621

Unable to reproduce on Android 9/10


2022-12-19 18:29

administrator   ~0070625

Note: the same user also experiences a possibly-related bug in which 'Stopping' playback sometimes stops playback and sometimes pauses on the current track: . I can't replicate that either, and as the user conjectured, the two might be related.


2023-01-09 18:41

administrator   ~0070870

Last edited: 2023-01-09 19:08

I just observed this issue while casting.

1 I left initiated playback of MMA casting to a chromecast for about 45 minutes:
MMA shows 'Beaton's Delight' (track 9) as the currently playing track on the lock screen and in the MiniPlayer, even though track 13 had already begun playing. Note that 'Beaton's Delight' continued to show as the currently playing track even once trarck 14 started playing. i.e. the Display was 'stuck'.

2 Tap NEXT
--> Track 10 started playing (even though the playing list had already advanced to track 13)!

3 Tap Next
--> Track 11 started playing

Debug log ANP7WSYXJ6

Based on this experience, it seems that the issue occurs with the Playing list in general and is not specific to the Lock Screen or Widget, and that there is some trigger that can cause the Now Playing list display to get stuck.

EDIT: battery optimization had been disabled so it's not related to that.
EDIT: possibly related to 0019701 (another case in which the Playing list gets disconnected from what's actually playing)?


2023-01-17 17:20

developer   ~0070931

Fixed in build


2023-01-17 22:36

administrator   ~0070939

I'm no longer able to replicate this. Closing.


2023-01-22 01:58

administrator   ~0070961

2 users are reporting that this issue is still occurring.



2023-01-25 06:53

administrator   ~0071009

I just replicated a variant of the problem in which the notifications player was off by 1 track from what was playing and what was displayed in MMA in the Playing screen. It occurred on a Tablet running Android 11 with build 1063 as follows:

1 Run MMA and switch to the Playing > Queue
--> Get Some by Lykke Li was the active track (not playing)
2 Tap 'Easy Runaway' in the Playing Queue
--> it started playing
3 Switched from MMA to the Android home screen
4 Opened the notification drawer
--> It showed 'Get Some' playing!
5 Wait until the next track 'Finish what ya started' by Van Halen started playing
--> Lock screen player shows 'Easy Runaway'!

Pressing next in the MMA player didn't fix this. The way to fix and trigger a correct update to the notifications player was to tap one of the buttons in the notifications player.


Note: no bluetooth was involved. This was playback through the speaker. Also, I'm unable to replicate the problem.


2023-02-05 22:28

administrator   ~0071093

Last edited: 2023-02-05 22:28

Gordol just reported seeing this in the latest build (1066) as well in the widget:



2023-03-22 20:32

developer   ~0071389

Fixed in build


2023-04-21 13:21

administrator   ~0071585

Gordol has indicated that the issue is worse in build 1074:

Waiting for a debug log to reopen--I'm unable to replicate.


2023-07-27 16:53

developer   ~0072508

Unable to replicate in 1098.


2023-09-21 18:07

administrator   ~0072844

Haven't heard any recent complaints of this issue on-device, though 'gordol' indicated that it still occurred occasionally on Android Auto (though that's likely a different issue. Closing (will create a new bug if there are additional reports or if we can replicate a problem with Android Auto).