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0019590MediaMonkey 5Install/Configpublic2022-11-29 21:05
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Target Version5.0.5Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0019590: Service install fail with "error 1069: service fail to start due to login failure"
DescriptionService install fail with "error 1069: service fail to start due to login failure"

Looks like Windows changed policy to prevent users use local service to get illegal access to system files so Users are often by default revoked of that permission policy.

to resolve this make sure that user is added in Local Security Policy (secpol.msc) -> Security Settings -> Local Polices ->User Rights Assignment -> In right side panel, double click to open policy "Log on as a service" and add Your user name to list of allowed.

After that MM service will start to work normally even after Windows restart.

Help page from (below dialog) do not help resolve the issue.

Dialog needs to be changed to better explain where the problem is and point to our Help page.

Suggested Dialog text would be: "Service fail to start due to a logon failure or User is not allowed to register Service."
Steps To ReproduceSteps to reproduce/trigger:
1. Use Local Security Policy (secpol.msc) -> Security Settings -> Local Polices ->User Rights Assignment -> In right side panel, double click to open policy "Log on as a service" and add delete your username from allowed list.
2. After applying settings MM Service can not be started Using YOUR user credentials and Error 1069 will trigger.
Additional Information
Fixed in build2800


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related to 0014218 closedLudek MediaMonkey 4 Some users cannot install/start MM as service until they edit Local Policy settings 



2022-11-29 00:06

developer   ~0070452

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2022-11-29 16:00

administrator   ~0070457

Aside from messaging the user when the service fails on restart, MM should probably also try to prevent the issue from occurring by either:
a) Greying out the option if the user doesn't have appropriate rights
b) Messaging the user on attempting to make the change if they don't have appropriate rights
Media Server (xx)
Install as service: insufficient rights!

As to the message that appears on restart, we can probably use common strings:
Media Server (xx)
Start service: failed (insufficient rights)!

Suggested redirect link:


2022-11-29 18:29

developer   ~0070459

Last edited: 2022-11-29 18:33

Note that in my case (Windows 11 Home) the log-on failure haven't been caused by my account missing in "Log on as a service"
but I realized that I need to use password for my Microsoft Account (as I forgot that my account is connected via MS account alhough I have just PIN set to log on into my account when starting computer).

So it was another issue than the Peke's.

With that in mind I guess we should really create our own KB article/wiki page (Rusty suggested link )
where we will summarize possible reasons for the "Log on" failure.


2022-11-29 20:39

developer   ~0070461

Last edited: 2022-11-29 21:05

OK, so I redirected the [Help] button on the error dialog after the installing the service (0019590:0070452)
from to

As for the wording changes suggested by Rusty: The log on failure isn't generally about unsifficient rights, once the user accepts UAC prompt to install the service then it has sufficient rights.

I changed target to 5.0.5 so that the redirection to gets active ASAP

Assigned to create the corresponding KB and make the redirection from to the KB article.

The article example:

When you install MediaMonkey as service (Options > MediaSharing > [Install as service]) and an error is occuring when starting the service then it is typically due to Log On failure.

To resolve this:

1) Press WinKey and type 'Services', press Enter, locate 'MediaMonkey' service, double-click it and go to 'Log On' screen.
Then ensure that the account and the password is correct.
Note that if you previously connected your account to Microsoft Account then you will need to enter the password of the Microsoft Account.

2) In certain environments you will need to Enable service log on through a local group policy :

3) If you have still trouble to Log on to your current account then you can Log on with Local System account, but this will fail to connect database file from your current account. In that case you might need to change the default location of your MediaMonkey database: