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0019393MMW 5Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filterspublic2022-10-04 21:24
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0.4 
Target Version5.0.4Fixed in Version5.0.4 
Summary0019393: Filters are not restored correctly when MM is closed on the second tab
DescriptionNormally, if there are 2 tabs 'Playing' & 'Music > ... [Filter]', switching back and forth between the tabs doesn't cause the filter to appear in the Playing tab. But in the following case, it does:

1 Enable 'Playing' & 'Music > ... [Filter]' tabs
2 Switch to the 'Music > ... [Filter]' tab
3 Restart MM
4 Switch back to the 'Playing' tab
--> The breadcrumb shows 'Playing [Filter]'

Note: the filter just _appears_ to be active--it isn't actually applied to 'Playing'. Also, closing the filter in the Now Playing tab doesn't disable the filter (it continues to work properly in other tabs).
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Fixed in build2668


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2022-09-29 14:18

administrator   ~0069569

This issue is more severe than originally thought (raised to Urgent for 5.0.4) since the issue is more generalized than originally reported. i.e. restarting MM always:
a) Causes filtered tabs to appear with an empty filter that cannot be deleted
b) Transfers an empty filter to tabs that previously weren't filtered

1 Run MM and open 2 tabs:
 . . - Music > Genres > Acoustic Rock > Filter (ratings>3stars) [Browser]
 . . - Music > Location > Path [List (by Album)]
2 With focus on the second tab, close MM and restart
--> A blank filter icon appears on both tabs and cannot be deleted i.e. breadcrumbs display as follows with an empty filter!
Music > Genres > Acoustic Rock > [Close Filter icon]
Music > Location > Path > [Close Filter icon] [List (by Album)]
3 Try to close the filter
--> Nothing happens!

The only way to get rid of these 'empty filters' is to either:
a) edit the filter and assigning a query to it, and then deleting it.
b) restart MM a second time


2022-10-03 16:37

developer   ~0069625

I can confirm the bug and the bug exists even in 5.0.3 -- the key to replicate is to have at least two tabs opened and close MM on the _second_ tab.
Closing MM on the first tab does not result in the issue.


2022-10-03 20:19

developer   ~0069627

Fixed in 2668


2022-10-04 21:24

developer   ~0069648

Verified on 2668. Tab 1 retained filter and Tab 2 didn't have any filter associated exactly as it was pre-restart.