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0019310MMAAndroid Autopublic2023-01-22 01:39
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Status assignedResolutionreopened 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.1Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0019310: MMA integration into Driving mode issues (Artwork / Home screen)
DescriptionThis is probably to changes made by Google, but when the user enters driving mode, and chooses MediaMonkey, there are numerous problems that make it unusable ATM:

1) Clicking 'MediaMonkey' --> all thumbnails are missing artwork, and clicking any of these thumbnails has no effect!

2) Clicking 'Media' --> numerous thumbnails from MMA (and other media apps) display, but the MediaMonkey thumbnails are all missing artwork, and as above, clicking the MediaMonkey thumbnails has no effect!

3) Click, MediaMonkey > All to get to MediaMonkey content and then:
a) > Playlists > PlaylistName --> 'Looks like there isn't anything to play'
b) > Artists > Letter > ArtistName --> 'Looks like there isn't anything to play' in most cases
c) > Genres > GenreName --> 'Looks like there isn't anything to play' in most cases
d) > Albums --> 'Looks like there isn't anything to play'

Note: there's no obvious reason why occasionally content appears for cases b/c. It doesn't seem to be related to the number of tracks in the list, the file types, the album art format, etc. However, although setting 'List size for external apps' to 200 or unlimited had no effect, setting it to 0, at least allowed tracks within to play. i.e. although none of nodes displayed the tracks they contained, it was possible to play the contents of the node since the Play and Shuffle buttons always displayed.

4) Playing queue appears as 'Playing queue(BT)' it should just be 'Playing queue'
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Fixed in build1057


related to 0018008 newmartin Android Auto doesn't show Audiobooks 



2022-08-18 17:43


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2022-12-21 06:52

administrator   ~0070678

Note: VLC didn't experience nealy as many issues:
- it displays artwork for thumbnails, and the thumbnails play
- Playlists can be played by tapping on them (they don't open to reveal contents--they just play)
- Artists and Albums lists were truncated (only a couple of each were accessible)
- Genres>GenreName would have a Play all button and a list of albums each of which could be played individually.
I mention this in case the strategy described above is somehow partially responsible for preventing driving mode from loading content. e..g perhaps MM loads Artists while VLC only loads a partial list because MM divides them up by letter. But that's defiintely only part of the story as it doesn't explain why MM won't load a single track in many cases.


2022-12-21 15:03

administrator   ~0070686

Last edited: 2022-12-21 15:05

Note: setting MMA's 'Limit list size for external apps' to 0, 'fixes' items 3a,b,c (but not D). i.e. it at least results in the Play & Play shuffled options appearing for most subnodes.

So, instead of completely fixing this, we may want to just make this kind of work (temporarily) by:
A) reducing the default list size
B) and changing Album browsing so that it first prompts for a letter of the Alphabet (like Artists does) in order to shrink the list size.

This isn't a great solution, but at least it becomes somewhat usable while driving. BTW, we may want to try alternate list sizes as well (e.g. would 50 work vs 200?)


2022-12-26 22:44

administrator   ~0070754

Last edited: 2022-12-27 16:56

5) Based on a user's comments at ticket 5256, it appears that variations of issue 3) occur on Android Auto:

According to the user, "since update build 1055 when connected to Android Auto, my playlists won't load. Instead I get an endless yellow circle of death. Right now my work around us to set the list size for external apps to 0 so I can just choose to start the playlist..."

Debug log ID VCZ9PCL4JC


2022-12-28 14:49

developer   ~0070760

Fixed in build


2022-12-29 05:28

administrator   ~0070763

Last edited: 2022-12-29 05:29

Tested driving mode on 1057, and although issues 3 and 4 are fixed, issues 1 & 2 are not and artwork for all cases of issue 3) is missing. So basically, driving mode is now usable except that the UI is problematic since artwork is missing for all tracks and all representations of tracks (as illustrated in the inital set of images in this bug).

Note: I haven't yet tested with Android Auto.


2023-01-22 01:39

administrator   ~0070958

6) Another usability issue is that in Driving mode, the MediaMonkey home screen always displays the same 12 tracks. It would be preferable if it displayed e.g.
Shuffle (all)
Play Random Album