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0018747MediaMonkey for AndroidSynchronizationpublic2022-01-13 05:04
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Summary0018747: Request: Sync control seems inadequate
DescriptionThe MM tree sync control at D&S at the "Sync List Library --> Device" (aka "Library Content") panels is inadequate now that we can own 500gb phones, and can rent 2tb storage spaces at cloud locations at affordable rates.

The current mechanism may have been suitable when people were syncing small amours of data, but it gets ugly to use in more complex or extensive situations.

A design flaw is that the user has a single node to handle both:
1. selection of new items to be added to the sync list
2. management and review of items already sync'd to the device

This creates two issues:
a. visibility of what has been sync'd ... I browse collections while searching for new sync items ... once I have sync'd something I should not need to remember which Collection and node that I selected it from ... it should be added into a new top level node called >ItemsSyncedToDevice ... the existing "hide unselected items" checkbox does not work well; if I check it and then change nodes, the display is always empty even when their are checked items within ... Summary: finding what you have sync'd via half-visible half-checks in a multi-node tree maze control is not helpful

b. flaky when items disappear ... I browse collections while searching for new items to sync ... the criteria for the collections may include variable attributes (eg. n days since ripped, or played < n times, or unplayed for n days ... these are all good indices to browse for this task) ... but once sync'd, these items can disappear from the Collection from which they were chosen due to Collection criteria .... this causes MM5 to want to delete the synced tracks ... maybe this is helpful if I sync'd the whole Collection, but IMO it is very unhelpful when I have specifically checked tracks or album to sync ... I want then remain at the sync location until I tire of hearing them ... the existing system is especially annoying when I have sync'd to an Internet location, because MM5 keeps wanting to delete the individual tracks ... the workaround is are to manually taking over all housekeeping of all sync'd items ... or to allow MM5 to delete the already synced tracks, and then re-synch them from a stable Collection like Music or ClassicalMusic ... neither workaround is scalable to modern device sizes IMO

c. loss of control ... Even if I don't let MM delete the track, I have lost control of these items ... you can't see that they have been sync'd, and you have nothing to uncheck to de-sync them

* existing functionality remains as it is
* but also add a new top level >ItemsSyncedToDevice node to the two tree controls discussed above
* rebuild the >ItemsSyncedToDevice node, in the background, whenever the D&S>Device node is opened
* update this proposed tree, as tracks are checked and de checked in the existing control tree
* in this proposed new node, list sync'd items in a Location sub-node, and|or in Album, AlbumArtist, Artist and Location nodes if you are feeling especially helpful
* if the user unchecks any track for album in the >ItemsSyncedToDevice node, the track will be offered for deletion via the existing confirmation box when sync is triggered... where a track appears in multiple nodes, a single uncheck action, on any one of items appearances, is sufficient to cause deletion of the track or album from the sync location
* changes made in the proposed >ItemsSyncedToDevice node is additional to any changes made in the existing tree

More info at Ticket 0003356

Also why does the "Sync List Library --> Device" panel have another name in other D&S nodes? ... they are the same thing ... this anomaly does not help documentation writer, nor to a new user, nor to people trying offer assistance on the Community Forum
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