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0017820MediaMonkey 5Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)public2021-06-16 23:09
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.1Fixed in Version5.0.1 
Summary0017820: Album Art may fail to download at full size
DescriptionIn some cases, when the user selects album art from the Image Search dialog:
- Right-clicking > Show full size --> 'Image download failed'
- Select and click 'OK' --> Image is downloaded at the wrong size

In both cases, this is likely because the original artwork can't be downloaded. It would be preferable if:
a) non downloadable links would not be listed
b) if a) can't be implemented right away, then if a non-downloadable link is selected for tagging, MM should pop up a toast message indicating that 'The image can only be downloaded at a resolution of X x Y [find another image...]'. That way users won't inadvertently choose a poor image.
Additional InformationReported at
Easily replicable with the 600x600 image for:
Title: The Cry of My People
Album: The Cry of My People
Artist: Archie Shepp
Album Artist: Archie Shepp
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Fixed in build2402


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2021-05-05 17:35

developer   ~0063063

a) is not possible, the only way of detecting this is to try to download image, so we would have to download all found images before displaying image grid


2021-05-05 18:56

administrator   ~0063064

Last edited: 2021-05-05 19:17

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b) The approach discussed is to tweak the current workflow as follows i.e.
Look image dialog --> User chooses image --> Click OK --> 'Getting Image' --> Image is downloaded or toast error is generated --> Add Cover dialog appears
To the following
Look image dialog --> User chooses image --> Click OK --> 'Getting Image' -->
case a) Image is downloaded --> Add Cover dialog appears
case b) Image is downloaded but doesn't match indicated W x H measurements --> Toast appears + Image search re-opens with correct measurements
case c) Image is inaccessible and only the thumbnail is available --> Toast appears + Image search re-opens with correct measurements (of the thumbnail)

Note: a possible alternative to the above proposal that avoids closing the Image Lookup dialog for case B/C would be to:
- Change the 'Image search' dialog's 'OK' button to 'Apply'
- When the user clicks 'Apply' show 'Getting image' at the bottom of the 'Image Search' dialog (instead of superimposed on the parent dialog)
- if case A --> Close Image Search dialog --> Add cover dialog appears
- if case B or C --> Toast appears and the dialog is updated with the correct measurements


2021-05-06 16:52

developer   ~0063075

Fixed in build 2402. Implemented second solution.


2021-05-07 00:12

developer   ~0063083

Verified 2402

Tested on bunch of tracks.

Test note: for regression testing second time you click OK on corrected size then correct image is downloaded. FYI it happened to me several times it fails to download full screen image before one selection actually works.

eg. Select one -> OK -> Fail -> Select different -> Fail -> select other suggested images -> Works, which is normal behavior based on log.


2021-06-16 23:08

developer   ~0063963

Re verified 2416

Still working.