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0017594MediaMonkey 5Main Panelpublic2021-02-23 18:34
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Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0.1 
Target Version5.0.1 
Summary0017594: Ability to copy configured nodes between various views
DescriptionCurrently it is not possible to set the configuration of the columns for all views as same. e.g. configure the columns for the Album Interpret view and copy this configuration to the search result view.

Could be resolved either by adding:
a) columns configuration (copy/paste) to the "Manage views" functionality
b) copy/paste configured columns directly to the list column's header (right-clcik the header -> Choose columns/sort)
c) configurable presets to the 'Choose Columns' dialog
d) addon that makes the column configuration shared between all views
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related to 0016391 resolvedrusty List views are not configured/saved per-node 



2021-02-22 23:55

developer   ~0062100

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I think that c) would make the most sense. Below the Sorting area, there could be a section with a dropdown and three buttons: Save Preset, Load Preset, and Delete Preset.
To save a preset, the user can type the name into the dropdown and hit Save;
To load/delete a preset, the user can click the right item in the dropdown and hit Load/Delete. I don't think that Delete Preset should require a prompt, because it's not something that really causes any data loss.

I can code up a prototype if you'd like.


2021-02-23 18:19

developer   ~0062120

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c) ok, might be useful, so let's try if you have time

d) I have just added addon for sharing the columns settings and visibility
It is in .../sampleScripts/sharedColumns

Assigned to Draki to upload the addon to our addon's repository? Maybe after some brief testing?

Also attached the addon here: for the user to test.

EDIT: This initial version of the addon isn't perfect, as by sharing the columns it removes '#' column from playlists / playing node.
Workaround is to edit the shared columns within playlist node.