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0017176MediaMonkey 5Extensions frameworkpublic2020-12-31 04:16
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Target Version5.1 
Summary0017176: Developer Mode: Addon scripts during testing should have default Developer mode
Description1. Addons can't be set to developer mode directly. There should be a way to set it in info.json to tell MM5 that addon is in developer mode (Beta state) where both developers and testing users do not need to go to About dialog to enable Developer mode in order not to trigger non needed submissions during Development eg. as Ludek explained in 0017156:0060528

Note: Not sure if it would be possible to make sort of exclude list for such addons or use that to set app.enabledDeveloperMode(true) automatically without adding that to addon code?

2. Maybe such addons could be listed in extensions dialog with flag Developer/Beta plugins so that user know plugin is unstable?
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related to 0017156 closedLudek Invalid addon config scripts cause crash 



2020-12-07 03:30

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1. I think that the simplest and most effective way to execute this idea would be to add another possible flag to info.json.

"developer-mode"; default being false of course, and it should accept either a boolean true/false or string "true"/"false".