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0017025MediaMonkey 5Extensions frameworkpublic2020-10-27 13:13
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionno change required 
Target Version5.0 
Summary0017025: MMIP: Installation of MMIP fail if MMIP install Info is in subfolder
DescriptionInstallation of MMIP fail if MMIP install Info is in subfolder

Uploaded same MMIP, but one is in subfolder and one is normal one.

Expected behavior is that Installation do not fail like in MM4.
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Fixed in build



2020-10-23 21:00



2020-10-26 11:29

developer   ~0059997

Having files within a sub-folder is unexpected:
- MM4 reports such a scripts as "Invalid product installation package" (see BAD.mmip)
- MM5 reports this as "Invalid extension" (your 'Bug17025 Bad hotkeyAction.mmip' example)

I don't think that a change is required.
BAD.mmip (26,338 bytes)


2020-10-26 21:41

developer   ~0059998

Sorry maybe I was not fully clear. The change I was referring to is that when MMIP file contain only subfolder and no files in MMIP root. eg. If no files in root and only one subfolder consider that subfolder is root and check if it contains installation files.

It can be pushed to 5.1 if too complicated.


2020-10-27 11:43

developer   ~0060011

Yes, exception like this just complicates the install process, I don't see point of adding this especially when this has never worked in MM4 too (and MM4 has hundreds of addons -- unlike MM5) and such a extension has been always considered as invalid.

It is up to the extension creator to keep the correct form.

BTW: There is already automatic MMIP packer (created by user drakinite) here:
I haven't tested the packer myself yet, but sounds promising and should minimalize the risk of creating an invalid extension by accident.


2020-10-27 13:13

developer   ~0060012

Good point. Closing