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0016914MediaMonkey 5Install/Configpublic2020-09-18 23:39
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
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Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0016914: Portable: Portable install should ignore Temp Setting
DescriptionEven in 99% of cases MM Portable is not accessing system resources.

There are cases where system Temp folder is used eg. if you install MM5 to x:\MMTemp\ Temp folder will point to x:\MMTemp\Portable\Temp, but if X: is external HDD and you move it to other PC where X: do not Exist but it is started from M: it should ignore X: and not set Local System Temp folder, but simply use <INSTALLATION FOLDER>\Portable\Temp as reference.

NOTE: I have not found other system reference paths, should be easy to spot in Source if there is any left.
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Fixed in build2267



2020-09-04 12:23

developer   ~0059559

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Peke, I cannot replicate, for me on clean portable install the temp directory is Portable\Temp\ in both INI and Options > General, see:

Couldn't this be just your test error? Maybe you imported non-portable MM4 settings to MM5 portable? Or maybe you run the MM5 instance from C:\ instead of the instance from the portable drive ?


2020-09-07 21:48

developer   ~0059571

Yes, it is partially test error it got imported from MM4 installation.

Anyway I have also found that it is possible to edit eg. delete Temp folder -> press OK and it reverts to "\" instead of "Portable\Temp"

Personally I would simply Disable Editing of Temp folder in Portable version as that way we will insure cached stuff will be always accessible?

Maybe leave ability to add custom path using INI file eg. Just disable edit.


2020-09-08 08:13

developer   ~0059572

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I would leave the ability to edit temp directory location also in case of portable install as I know that it is actually used by several users (e.g. Barry uses it as 'F:\Cache\MediaMonkey\' ).

The issues that I see currently are:

1) When user changes the default '\Portable\Temp' to 'I:\Cache\MM5\' and I:\ is the drive where MM5 is intalled then the path should be stored in relative form like '\Cache\MM5\'
Currently it is stored absolutelly (as 'I:\Cache\MM5\') which makes the tempdir inaccessible when the drive is plugged under different drive letter

2) As you pointed deleting the temp dir causes the temp dir to be set to '\' which is actually root of the drive where MM is installed, it should revert to its default (i.e. Portable\Temp)

=> both are fixed in 2267


2020-09-18 23:39

developer   ~0059613

Verified 2267

All working OK now.

you were right by fixing both issues there is no need to disable edit of temp folder as main reason for suggestion was issue 1.