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0016819MediaMonkey 5Install/Configpublic2021-01-20 02:59
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0 
Summary0016819: Version update notifications / improvements (Beta vs Release)
Description1) afaik, MM5 doesn't have a means of checking for updates manually
The 'About' dialog should have a 'Check for updates...' link to launch the update checker.

2) Also, re. automatic checks, Options > General has an option to enable update checks. Is the supporting code implemented?

3) Afaik, the current update notification mechanism only supports a single 'current' update. This means that:
a) MM4 users cannot get an update notification for a critical update once MM5 has been released
b) MM4 and MM5 users cannot be notified of beta updates

Would it make sense for the update notification dialog to include the following options:
[x] Check for updates (when connected) [Options...]

Update Options
. . [x] Current version (v5)
. . . . [ ] Beta builds
. . [x] Future versions (e.g. v<x+1>)
. . . . [ ] Beta builds

[OK] [Cancel]

- The 'Options...' button could also appear next to the 'Check for updates (when connected)' setting in Options / General
- we may want to include the update links directly in the xml file rather than hardcoded in MM (since there are multiple links and they may change)
- This issue is specced for MM5, but it's more relevant for MM4 users who'll want to be notified of MM4 updates
- Please clarify the format to be used for versions.xml
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Fixed in build2286



2020-07-15 12:47

administrator   ~0058977

Per IM discussion with Michal, he'll finish this one:

1) We'll rather put this directly to the Help menu, as in MM4.

2) Not yet working, will be fixed.

3) Will be implemented, with the addition of Beta check (but not version distinction, in order to not complicate things too much).

Michal will put new version.xml (and version5.xml) description here when he's done.


2020-07-15 21:32

developer   ~0058984

As talked offline here is my thoughts about it:
"I gave some thought about it and how I see it you are suggesting something like GIT based updates work (also most MMO games/Linux packages/Android apps uses same approach) eg. to have some sort of Dropdown to select update branch (Stable, Beta, Nightly [for GIT maintained apps Sonarr/Radarr it is usually MASTER/DEVELOPER]). It could be useful to use be able to get notifications on selected branch of MM."

Example how branches are handled in Sonarr


2020-12-09 22:58

administrator   ~0060660

I've updated/uploaded the version.xml / version5.xml files based on the suggested format. Let me know if anything else is required.


2020-12-11 08:37

developer   ~0060702

Last edited: 2020-12-11 08:39

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version5.xml is wrong, please fix it:
1) "&" used in URLs is special character in XML, you need to use whole entity "&amp;"
2) BetaVersionNumberBuild has to contain only build number (e.g. "2283"), not full release number ("")

3) MM5 now checks wrong URL (MM4 version), this will be fixed in the next build


2020-12-17 20:32

administrator   ~0060889

Updated. It's now working.