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0016746MediaMonkey 4DB/FileMonitorpublic2020-07-01 13:06
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Summary0016746: Implement the latest SQLite, or at least 3.25.0, which have window functions added
DescriptionThe window functionality could be very useful speeding up many queries, for example if you want to get the top x rows for different groups:

When I am already asking such thing, I have a question why there are two SQLite DLL files included with MM4? The SQLite3_iOS8.dll is a newer one based on v3.8.6, but it seems that it is not used, at least not in scripts. That one would be welcomed at least, since it has the Common Table Expressions, which are missing in SQLite3MM.dll based on v3.7.6:

And if you are going to do something about this, it would be nice if you consider my another suggestion related to SQLite engine used in MM related to RegExp operator mentioned in the 0007244 issue long time ago.
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Fixed in build


related to 0007244 new Regular expressions in SQL needed 



2020-07-01 11:47

administrator   ~0058714

Let's try the latest SQLite build in MM5, based on the result we might consider its inclusion it some future MM4 release.


2020-07-01 13:06

updater   ~0058716

I already tried it after copying the SQLite3MM.dll file from MM5 to MM4 folder. It has SQLite v3.23.1, which was a reason why I opened this issue.

It seems this new dll works in MM4 mostly fine, unless you have LIKE operator or like function in a query. You already messed up this operator in the past making troubles with the scripts, which I reported a while ago:

However, this new dll used in MM4 generates the error message with the LIKE operator which is even worse. For example, type SELECT 'A' LIKE 'a' in SQL Viewer and you will get the error.

By the way, speaking about this old problem reported in 5474 issue, are you absolutely sure that you cannot implement Unicode support for LIKE operator without messing with its wildcard characters?

And one more question. Is it possible to implement your collations and additional functions and Unicode support, and whatever else you added to SQLite engine, as one or more external .dll extensions and keep the basic SQLite file intact? In that case, we could download it directly from the SQLite site, whatever version we need, even the latest one, and put it in the MediaMonkey folder.