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0016683MediaMonkey 5Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)public2022-04-20 10:56
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.4 
Summary0016683: Artwork: no way of knowing when linked artwork is missing
DescriptionIf linked artwork is deleted from Windows Explorer:
- Track Properties > Artwork continues to display (presumably cached) artwork. It should probably display it in the same manner as cached artwork normally displays i.e. as 'unsaved'.
- Files to Edit > Missing artwork doesn't display the track with the missing artwork. The logic of that node should probably be revised to also display tracks with dead artwork links.

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Fixed in build


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2021-10-21 10:24

developer   ~0065367

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We do not have "Missing artwork" node. We have "Inconsistent artwork" (different artwork for tracks in the same album) and "Unknown artwork" (tracks without artwork). Maybe we should add "Inaccessible artworks" node for this, as this is different kind of problem and could be significantly time consuming to detect. OK?


2021-10-21 16:53

administrator   ~0065381

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Michal confirmed that in such cases:
- Artwork will stop displaying in MM if the user clears the thumb cache folder in temp
- Artwork will not sync
i.e. although the user may sometimes see the artwork, in other cases they won't, and in all cases there will be side effects of the artwork not syncing.

With that in mind, based on discussion with Michal:
1) In cases where MM has 512x512px 'thumbnails' cached, then MM can automatically treat such artwork in the same manner as 'unsaved' artwork.
2) MM should just automatically delete links to artwork that doesn't exist. Then it can be (auto) looked up using whatever approach the user uses for other files.

This can occur:
a) Automatically during scan/rescan operations, to the files being scanned.
b) Automatically when the user visits the 'unknown' artwork node. To minimize perceived performance impact, MM would
 - First display unknown artwork (as it does today)
 - Update the list with unlinked artwork (first 'fixing' tracks with changed images as 'unsaved' artwork so that they will appear with artwork in the node, and then displaying all of the tracks)
c) Manually during Manage Database > 'optimize db' (or as a separate function 'Clean image cache')

The above approaches would negate any need for changes to the nodes although it does raise the issue that it would be useful to have a means to quickly 'Save' all unsaved artwork (currently mass-edits combine art from all selected tracks). We'll want to create a second issue for this, but a possible approach would be to have a filter for 'Unsaved Artwork' (Artwork is [unsaved] | known | unknown) and a context menu in Edit tags > Save unsaved artwork.