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0016671MediaMonkey 5Playbackpublic2020-09-02 01:18
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0016671: Chromecast: improved usability in case of unavailable chromecast
DescriptionIn 5.0, if a chromecast devices is unplugged during playback
1) Once the CC is unplugged, MM continues to 'Play' to the unplugged Chromecast. Is it possible for MM to 'know' and stop the seekbar / generate an error message?

2) When new tracks start to 'Play', MM attempts to reconnect and generates an error for the track. Then when the user accepts the error, MM initiates playback for the next track over the same problematic connection. A more user-friendly approach might be to:
a) Prevent selection of a chromecast device that's unavailable (grey it out)
b) Modify the error message that appears so as to stop chromecasting. e.g.

The 'xxx player' is turned off or inaccessible.
[Try again] [Cancel]

Try again: would use the current workflow
Cancel: would STOP playback and switch to the internal player
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Fixed in build2266


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2020-07-08 18:27

developer   ~0058812

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Fixed in 2260.

i.e. if Chromecast is turned off during the playback then MM5 shows "The 'xxx player' is turned off or inaccessible." within 2 seconds, stops the playback and switches to the internal player.


2020-07-10 23:08

developer   ~0058867

Verified 2260

This is clear expected behavior here playback can be easily continued by pressing play after MM5 switch to Internal.


2020-08-31 08:36

developer   ~0059547

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Re-opened: 2 seconds timeout is too low, as in some environments the device has not replied for 4 seconds for some reason and then continued replying:

Increasing the timeout to 10 seconds should resolve this.

=> Fixed in 2266


2020-09-02 01:18

developer   ~0059555

Verified 2266

Tested using Nexus Player and blocking WiFi Traffic on Router for a few seconds and then allow it again. No switch back to internal.