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0016563MediaMonkey 5Main Panel: Toolbars & Menuspublic2021-07-03 01:11
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Product Version5.0.1 
Target Version5.0.2 
Summary0016563: Search: Global Search tooltip ovelaps Search History dropdown
DescriptionGlobal Search tooltip overlaps Search History dropdown and user can't see the choices in dropdown.
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related to 0018103 newrusty Search is no longer part of History 



2020-04-30 18:05


bug16563.png (119,155 bytes)   
bug16563.png (119,155 bytes)   


2020-04-30 20:41

developer   ~0057808

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Yes, it overlaps, but only when you hover mouse cursor above the dropdown.
i.e. you can hust move the cursor out of the dropdown to see the search history list.

Really a minor issue IMO not worth fixing.

Actually the same issue has always existed in MM4 too.


2021-06-27 02:54

administrator   ~0064083

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This is actually a significant issue because the search history node has been removed in MM5 and there doesn't seem to be an obvious way of viewing the search history MRU list (the search history node was replaced with a combination of MRU lists for filters and search, but doesn't seem to work correctly when it comes to search--the MRU list should appear when the user clicks the search function, as in firefox or chrome).


2021-06-29 11:30

developer   ~0064098

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The MRU list is still there, just in another location (to work also without Media Tree component enabled).
- for simple search it is within the searchbar dropbown:
- for advanced search it is here:

Can you please specify what do you mean by the "the MRU list should appear when the user clicks the search function, as in firefox or chrome"? I don't see anything like this in Chrome.
What is meant by the "search function" ?


2021-06-29 21:14

developer   ~0064108

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I guess he means about search Suggestions when you type in search box or address bar in browsers that give you suggestions on browse/search history and/or you pres sdown arrow.
bug16563.jpg (33,779 bytes)   
bug16563.jpg (33,779 bytes)   


2021-06-29 21:51

developer   ~0064112

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Further testing it shows that Search history is preserved only for current MM session and introducing global search history would make behavior similar to browsers behavior.

EDIT: I have also seen that common behavior for getting search/input history is to double click on edit field (commonly used when saving web forms/login info)