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0016523MediaMonkey 5Now Playingpublic2021-01-19 07:04
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0016523: MiniPlayer: Tooltips lock the UI
DescriptionOn some occasions, when the user switches to the miniplayer after launching MM, interaction with the miniplayer causes a tooltip to appear and the UI becomes non-responsive for a few seconds or as long as a minute.


I've also attached a debug log of this in which the UI stopped responding for about 20 seconds (until moving the miniplayer caused the tooltip to disappear).
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Fixed in build2287


related to 0016711 newpetr MiniPlayer: Window handling issues (maximize button appears 'hot' + responsiveness) 
related to 0017329 newpetr No Tooltips in the MiniPlayer/MicroPlayer 
related to 0017408 resolvedpetr MiniPlayer: UI stops responding 



2020-04-17 19:21



2020-07-21 11:41

developer   ~0059042

Unable to reproduce in current build. Please retest.


2020-07-31 01:06

developer   ~0059190

Also unable to replicate in 2262


2020-08-11 01:43

administrator   ~0059320

Verified 2262.


2020-12-16 18:17

administrator   ~0060814

I'm able to replicate this in 2285 with a different set of steps:
1 Run MM
2 Minimize to miniplayer
3 Close MM
4 Run MM
--> MM restarts in MiniPlayer
5 Click the 'restore' button
--> Button is highlighted, but nothing happens
6 Attempt to click it again
--> UI is frozen

The workaround is to either force-close MM OR to right-click the MM icon in the system tray and click 'Restore' but most users won't realize this.


2020-12-16 21:52

developer   ~0060835

Disabled tooltips to prevent crash/freeze in mini player


2020-12-19 17:44

developer   ~0060941

Verified 2288

Confirming that tooltips are disabled.