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0016432MediaMonkey 5Generalpublic2021-01-16 14:48
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0016432: Optimize database (complete) fails on databases larger than 4 GB
Description1) use database larger than 4 GB (e.g. the one from 0014323 )
2) menu File > Maintain Library ...
[x] Optimize database (complete)

=> crash

Technically: VACUUM results in "out of memory"
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Fixed in build2231


related to 0014323 closedpetr MediaMonkey 5 "Out of memory" errors when working with very large databases 
related to 0016431 closedLudek MediaMonkey 5 Scanning and mass edit is slower on some databases (regression 2230) 
related to 0016574 closedLudek MediaMonkey (current) Playlist: Refresh of Playlist in 1905 is more then 5x slower than in 1897 (on some databases) 



2020-03-10 18:55

developer   ~0057140

Last edited: 2020-03-10 18:59

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Fixed in and merged to


2020-03-16 20:09

developer   ~0057201

Verified 2332

No issues about this version.


2020-04-01 02:10

developer   ~0057432

Re verified 1900

No issues.


2020-05-05 11:33

developer   ~0057864

Note that this fix was reverted for MM4 as it caused 0016574

We would need to use MM5's SQLite3MM.dll otherwise (which might be risky for MM4)