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0015827MediaMonkey (current)Synchronizationpublic2019-07-31 23:43
PriorityimmediateSeveritymajorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
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Target Version4.1.25Fixed in Version 
Summary0015827: Sync: USB Sync FAIL to transfer and playlists re missing on device
DescriptionOn some devices (Internal Storage only) there is a problem where MMA do not Import MMW Synced playlists

MMW Logs and MM.DB along with MMA logs and files files will be attached in the ticket.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install MMA
2. Make sure that /MediaMonkey/files/ folder contain only Storageinfo.xml and library (delete any past MMW syncs)
3. Connect Phone to PC over USB
4. Initiate Sync (NOTE: Sync Only files that are in Few playlists, all other like music podcasts,... should be disabled)
5. wait till sync is done (LOG and Device Profile are in ticket file "")
6. Disconnect phone
7. Start MMA
8. Wait till Updates/Scan is done (Logs 854: 1X8B5DMSHP)
9. Check If Tracks are there (Confirmed all are synced)
10. Check Playlists (They should be imported but they are empty) After restart phone and update 858: DI9MYLC1I2
11. Done WiFi Sync, Playlists still Empty Log ID 858: P4C1QPGJKZ

Files in /MediaMonkey/ folder of internal phone storage are contained in ticket file "MediaMonkey Folder from" that prove MMA do not import MMW USB synced files.
Additional InformationInitial Tests and LOG files are are generated with user from ticket JOW-269-83289
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Fixed in build


parent of 0015828 closedLudek Sync: Volume leveling of tracks breaks Auto-Convert rules 



2019-07-17 23:16


DeviceInfoDuringSync.jpg (207,069 bytes)
DeviceInfoDuringSync.jpg (207,069 bytes)
DeviceInfoPreSync.jpg (192,007 bytes)
DeviceInfoPreSync.jpg (192,007 bytes)


2019-07-22 11:59

developer   ~0054183

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In the MMW debug log I see that the only playlist synced was "Cruzin With JK" icluding 747 tracks.
There are also further five playlists already presented on the device (DWK Full List, DWK Select, JK Select, Long Play, Relax!), but these were not synced.

I also checked user's MM.DB and checked the corresponding device profile and the only playlist on the sync list is the "Cruzin With JK" playlist:

MMA database was uploaded as \MediaMonkey\files\mmstore.db.synced.0002 according to MMW log

I see that Martin is already solving this with the user via JOW-269-83289 -- so assigned to him.
Feel free to assign back to me for analyzis (if needed)