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0015758MediaMonkey 5Main Panel/Toolbars/Menuspublic2019-07-22 23:53
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Target Version5.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0015758: Now Playing and A&D Title bar names are same
DescriptionNow Playing title bar shows "Playing (x/y)"
and A&D Title bar when selected shows "Playing"

It would be good to change wording to "Now Playing (x/y)" and "Playing/Selected Details"
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related to 0015792 closedpetr Regressions in Arts&Details panel 



2019-06-17 20:11

developer   ~0053857

It is wording issue, assigned to Rusty....


2019-07-04 13:11

developer   ~0054087

Another re-report from Barry:


2019-07-22 23:53

administrator   ~0054189

I think that the wording is actually fine. The problem is that that it's not obvious from the UI that 'Playing' in the Preview window is shown in order to toggle between Playing and Selected.

In MM4, the UI was actually very similar in the sense that both the list and the AA window both indicated 'Now Playing'--and yet despite being identically named, it wasn't confusing. The reason why it wasn't confusing is because the 'Preview' window additionally showed a 'Selected' tab, so the difference between the list and the Preview window was more clear. IIRC, the reason for changing this in MM5 was because the Tabs, as designed, didn't display well in that bar (they took up too much space, and it wasn't obvious that they were tabs).

So I don't think that changing the wording is the solution, but rather to make it obvious that 'Playing' is a toggle with 'Selected'. Options:
1) add a 'v' to the right of playing so that it's clear that it's a selector (it should work like the view selector in the navigation bar)
2) add back tabs and improve the look and feel so that they display better in this window
I think that 1) is the better/easier approach.