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0015752MediaMonkey (current)Exportpublic2019-06-17 20:46
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Target Version4.1.25Fixed in Version 
Summary0015752: Sync: Apple devices can freeze MMW on startup if device is connected prior to MMW start
DescriptionSome users reported that MMW crash on startup.

I was able to replicate in 2/10 tests if I connect iPod Touch prior to MMW start and MMW have several on startup background tasks like monitoring folder that is in sync list and new files are added, Music root tree node is focused node where MMW needs to show 200k+ in track list.

ELF sent offline directly
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Fixed in build


related to 0014493 closedpetr Reduce UI freeze timeout in Eureka from 300s to 30s 



2019-06-17 20:37

developer   ~0053858

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Based on your (attached) elf it so far looks like some Eureka's false positive, because :

1) the freeze log was generated 12 seconds after start, but Eureka has 30 seconds freeze timeout (i.e. UI thread must be unresponsive for 30 seconds for the freeze log being generated)

2) It has frozen on critical section (csFilterLock) that is accessed only by the UI thread during the startup (and not owning by any other thread -- also based on the ELF)

Could you please test whether the same UI freeze happens also with release build or not?
Also, could you confirm that the crash log pop-ed up after 12 seconds (and not after 30 seconds) after startup?
Could you please generate one more ELF to compare and (dis)confirm my speculations?
Could you attach also log from a user experiencing this or add a link? (16,917 bytes)