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0015402MMW 5Syncpublic2019-12-11 14:05
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Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015402: Sync: tweak and changes to device sync behavior
Description1. When device is connected there is no notification line in tree nodes like in MM4 allowing user to sync device without going to device listing.

2. When New sync able Device is connected there I would suggest that New TAB is created and User is taken there so that like in 0015353:0052321 user is presented if he wants to enable that device for syncing and close the tab on answer.

Rest of current behavior should be as is for now.
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Fixed in build2163


related to 0015353 closedLudek Sync: Add Local folder device creation while browsing folders (syncToFolder.mmip) 
related to 0014101 closedrusty Sync: New device Detected Sync wizard 



2019-01-29 16:52

developer   ~0052324

This was resolved as item f) in #13767

As we already show the devices in the D&S sub-tree. We made rather the D&S node expanded on MM5 install, so that the devices are immediately visible. The node expand state is persistent after MM5 restart.


2019-02-10 15:18

developer   ~0052528

Last edited: 2019-02-15 11:22

Not sure I understand as f) #13767 is unrelated to this bug.

This bug created as there is no way that user can tell when device gets available both as subnode or in listing of connected devices as indicated in 0013767:0047730

In MMW there is clear indication that device is available for MMW and user have clear direct access to it unlike MM5 where user needs to guess when device gets available.

Point of 2. is to open new tab when user clicks on device in order to keep current view available without going to Back View, but rather simply closing the new tab. Same also applies for newly connected devices.

I uploaded video to FTP Showing both MM5 and MM4 behavior where it is clearly seen MM5 do not indicate device is connected and available for sync (this behavior applies also for any new devices connected where behavior is same as with existing devices recorded on video).


2019-02-20 09:50

developer   ~0052710

Last edited: 2019-02-20 09:52

Yes, if you keep 'Devices & Services' node closed then you don't see the newly connected device there. Therefore (in item f) of #13767 ) it was suggested to keep the 'Devices & Services' node expanded by default (as is currently the case after install), so users see the connected devices (until closes the node manually).

As for the case when 'Devices & Services' node is closed, we can either:

a) auto-expand the 'Devices & Services' node when a syncable device gets connected (to see it in the tree)
downside: auto-expand might be undesired by some users

b) add a duplicate device node as sibling of 'Devices & Services' node
downside: the tree would become unnecessary overflow by such a duplicate nodes (especially when more device/storages are configured/connected)

c) add numbered suffix to 'Devices & Services' node indicating number of connected/syncable devices (subnodes) -- similar to the Downloads node,
i.e. upon connecting a new device the 'Devices & Services (3)' would change to 'Devices & Services (4)' to indicate that a new syncable device/storage is available

I would personally prefer c)
Assigned to Rusty/Jiri for review


2019-02-25 15:42

administrator   ~0052799

I like c). I'd just prefer to not show numbers, as the difference between '3'& '4' is negligible imho. I'd rather show a badge (in form of a device-like icon?) there whenever a new device is connected (since MM5 start) and the node isn't expanded. Expansion of the node, or click on the node, would clear the badge.


2019-02-25 18:53

developer   ~0052803

Last edited: 2019-02-25 20:04

As discussed offline, toast message appearing for 15 seconds should be sufficient.
Something like
"Connected: device name [configure...]"


2019-02-25 20:41

developer   ~0052804

Fixed in 2163


2019-03-01 02:56

developer   ~0052834

Verified 2164

Much clear, now it is clearly seen when new device is connected.


2019-04-17 00:08

developer   ~0053266

Re verified 2170

Connection dialog shows on each connect.