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0015333MediaMonkey (current)Collections (Filters)public2019-03-27 22:08
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Product Version4.1.23 
Target Version4.1.24Fixed in Version4.1.24 
Summary0015333: Neoclassical and Classical Rock are incorrectly set as Type = Classical Music
DescriptionFiles with the genre of Neoclassical or Classical Rock are incorrectly set as Type = Classical Music. We should consider exact matching of Genre to set Type = Classical Music.

Some Genre suggestions to set as Type = Classical Music would be: Avant-Garde, Baroque, Chamber Music, Chant, Choral, Classical, Classical Music, Classical Crossover, Early Music, High Classical, Impressionist, Medieval, Minimalism, Modern Composition, Opera, Orchestral, Renaissance, Romantic, Wedding Music
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Fixed in build1883



2019-01-14 02:07

developer   ~0052065

As detection is mostly hardcoded maybe an INI switch would be good to allow users to set their own parameters.


2019-01-14 13:57

developer   ~0052071

Last edited: 2019-01-14 14:04

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I changed the rules for the file to be considered as Classical music when
- genre includes one of the words 'Classical', 'Classical music', 'Avant-Garde', 'Opera', 'Orchestral', 'Baroque', 'Chant', 'Choral', 'Chamber', 'Impressionist', 'Medieval', 'Renaissance'
- genre does not include 'Neoclassical', 'rock', 'jazz'

Changed in and merged to

As for the INI switch, I guess that users would hardly realize that there is an INI option(s) for this. If any, we could add an UI config for this in Options for MM 5.1, but does not seem to be at high priority atm.


2019-01-16 10:05

developer   ~0052096

As for the config, some users (see ) requests an option to ignore autosort to type based on tag value and have all new files added to the library with the same extension default to the same type. So that all mp3's and flacs, etc. default to being Music.

I guess it makes sense to add a general checkbox that would disable the current auto-guessing of file type ?
Assigned to Rusty for review and wording.


2019-01-16 18:13

developer   ~0052098

I would not just make global switch as problem is rather tweaking than complete disable.

Adding a way (maybe even in DB directly, as UI plugin can be easily made) to be able to tweak per type detection is more useful than global fix. User even agree that even hidden availability would work for him.

This will be especially useful in tweaking Movies and TV series where we have much less experience than in music detection.


2019-03-27 22:08

administrator   ~0053120

I think that the real solution is to allow the user to configure what Genres to be assigned to a Type.

That said, this seems to be really low priority since the most significant problem is the fact that users were confused about where there content was located and this _is_ configurable via 'Media Tree'.

So my recommendation would be to not make any changes atm.