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0012748MediaMonkey 5DB/FileMonitorpublic2020-09-21 15:09
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
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Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0012748: Invisible Playlists can be synced
DescriptionDB corruptions can lead to invisible Playlists. These are Playlists still in the database, but no longer visible to the user in the interface. This can lead to problems during sync where these invisible Playlists may be selected for sync, but there is no method for the user to see they're selected (and thus de-select) for sync.
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Fixed in build2267


related to 0005537 closedLudek MediaMonkey (current) Fast clicking on playlists in MM tree can cause playlists to disappear (regression) 
related to 0016931 closedLudek MediaMonkey 5 Drop of parent playlist to its children creates ghost playtlists 



2015-06-04 21:32

developer   ~0042597

If I remember correctly this was issue in the past that playlist D&D could cause this (to create invisible playlist without a parent), but Maintain DB should fix it.


2015-06-15 15:52

developer   ~0042629

Fixed in


2015-06-17 20:56

developer   ~0042645

Verified 1748 No regressions on my MM.DB

Not closed till second Verification.


2015-06-18 21:22

developer   ~0042654

Is the fix that invisible playlists are not synced or is the fix added to maintain library so the invisible playlists get removed?


2015-06-19 10:01

developer   ~0042655



2015-07-22 16:46

developer   ~0042741

User reports the problem persists with 1751:


2020-09-18 17:58

developer   ~0059601

Another instance of this problem is reported now for MM5 also:


2020-09-18 19:35

developer   ~0059602

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Fixed in

Closing, as user confirmed the fix on forum: