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0012128MediaMonkey 4Framework: Skinningpublic2014-09-10 12:02
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Target Version4.1.5 
Summary0012128: Skinning Engine: Add skinning engine to Settings.ini
DescriptionDue the recent changes and as most of skins needs to be updated we should add Skinning Engine Version to Settings.ini


That way we would be able to show Dialog to user on Skin selection that skin is outdated

Note: Engine Version is already present in Player.ini where 100 represented initial version and updating it to 101 is logical step
Fixed in build


related to 0012120 closedpeke Skin: Monkey-G in some cases crashes MMW 
parent of 0012130 newLudek Add Icompatible/Outdated dialog 
related to 0012129 new Skinning Engine: Engine versions determine MMW Compatibility 
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2014-09-10 12:02

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Resolving, is tracked as 0012129 to be reviewed for MM5 where all skins are completelly different (based on HTML5/LESS/CSS)

But I wonder whether it is really needed, each addon/skin can check MM version number/build so I don't think we need another special value.