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0009508MMW v4Otherpublic2013-10-22 22:28
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1 
Target Version4.1Fixed in Version4.1 
Summary0009508: Additional routine When loading Plugins
DescriptionTo allow all plugins have direct access to MM instance they are started under and to avoid of plugin needs for MM registered COM Server all plugin DLL files that MM loads should be also tested for existence of exported "procedure FORMAT_Initialize" and initialize it like it is done with all MM native plugins
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Fixed in build1666


related to 0009454 closedpetr MMW v4 Provide workaround to allow Portable mode to use plugins that rely on MM COM Server 
related to 0008182 closedpeke plugin Portable mode: OS integration settings aren't saved and some plugins fail (MM Com Server not registered) 
related to 0005750 resolvedpeke plugin Last-fm plugin: MM crashes when run as another user 
related to 0011398 closedLudek MMW v4 MP3 / OGG files don't play in build 1666 (regression) 



2012-07-04 08:33

administrator   ~0031537

I suppose that it will be enough for general plug-in, at least for now, right?


2012-07-04 12:29

developer   ~0031538

General as priority and DSP if possible so that we can inform for example DFX developers to make specific MM plugin that use settongs according playback track.


2012-11-11 04:20

developer   ~0033090

Last edited: 2012-11-11 04:21

I raised priority as as soon as I installed Latest Mambo version normal MMW 4.1 stopped working unless I delete plugin from plugins folder


2012-11-12 10:37

developer   ~0033104

Last edited: 2012-11-12 10:37

For format plugins (like f_aac_codec.dll) currently

FORMAT_Initialize = procedure( MMInterfCookie : cardinal; helpers:pointer; decoders:pointer);

I think that this is not needed for general and DSP plugins, because helpers can be retrieved via MMSetHelpers = procedure (MMHelpers:pointer); and decoders are not needed for general and DSP plugins, right?

So I added only

MMSetInterfaceCookie = procedure( MMInterfCookie : cardinal);

to general and DSP plugins.

=> Added in build 1606, let me know if it is enough.


2013-09-11 01:34

developer   ~0037461

Verified basic addition for GEN and DSP in 1656

Can you please add it in VIS also?


2013-09-11 15:49

developer   ~0037470

Added for VIS plugins in build 1657.


2013-09-12 03:10

developer   ~0037476

Verified 1657


2013-10-12 01:08

developer   ~0037889

Looks like both in and out can benefit from this can you add it there too?


2013-10-21 10:21

developer   ~0037964

Added for IN and OUT in build 1666.


2013-10-22 22:28

developer   ~0038000

verified 1667