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Target Version1.0.2Fixed in Version1.1.0 
Summary0008182: Portable mode: OS integration settings aren't saved and some plugins fail (MM Com Server not registered)
DescriptionWhen MM is installed in portable mode on a system (and no previous standard installs have been made), MM COM server is not Initialized correctly and External Scripts can't find "SongsDB.SDBApplication" Object and fail to initialize.

Equally importantly, changes to OS integration settings that rely on the MediaMonkey Elevator, do not persist.

Simple Example Script is Submitted.

1. WorkAround is to install MM as Non Portable and than use it as Portable.

2. MediaMonkey.registry Should Contain MM COM and Register them On MM start

3. Register MM COM on Install Even in portable Mode and make Small internal Cleanup App or Add/Remove them on Each MM start.
Additional InformationTicket: WQN-420204
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Fixed in build30


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2011-07-23 00:03


VBScript Error.vbs (59 bytes)


2011-07-28 11:54

developer   ~0026989

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After Talk with Petr it really seams Logical that MM do not register Server Apron install as Portable. But we need to inform users about restrictions involved using MM as Portable especially that it Break Scripting/Plugin ( functionality.

Additionally it should be best solution that MM portable Users can manually Register/Unregister MM COM server or set it to register Apron MM startup and Unregister it on MM shutdown or manually if needed.


2011-12-27 15:36

administrator   ~0029640

MM registration on startup isn't a good idea, mainly because Admin rights would be needed.

Since is probably the only important example of an add-on having a problem with this, it should be fixed. It could e.g. have an auto-script that would get SDB object and wouldn't need to create its instance manually.


2012-06-15 00:26

developer   ~0031377

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Would it be too complicated that MM Portable installation include two .bat Files and allow users that install MM in Portable version be able to register/unregister MM COM server and that they reside in MM installation folder?

MMRegisterCOM.bat "MediaMonkey.exe /elevate /regcomserver"
MMUnRegisterCOM.bat "MediaMonkey.exe /elevate /unregcomserver"

Simple Knowledgebase article would cover all other issues.


2012-06-15 14:24

administrator   ~0031378

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a. An alternate approach would be to add a checkbox to the OS integration dialog for [ ] Register MediaMonkey to Windows (help: Needed for certain addons to function correctly)

b. And/or, I'm not sure if this is possible, if an addon relies on MM COM Server, MM should prompt:
This addon requires that MediaMonkey be registered with Windows. Do you wish to proceed?

c. Or better yet, why not include a switch within the addons framework that allows scripts to prompt for a MediaMonkey restart with the elevate/regcommeserver switches?


2012-06-15 22:16

developer   ~0031380

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a. I would delay this for 4.1 especially as it is only needed for MM portable and no usage in regular version which register COM on install, it also adds new strings for translation whereas two simple BAT files do not need any CORE changes Just KB Article and its presence in portable installation folder and are BUG RISK free and can be made IMMEDIATELY for 4.0.6.

b. I think it is not be possible as error occur when Script/Plugin/External app calls Windows COM for MM and Windows itself return ERROR.

c. Jiri Implemented something Similar into MM native plugins and was never documented for public use, also there is no standard/solution for external apps to do that. This is something I was thinking about for some time and would open new bug about better Plugin Developer friendliness.


2012-06-18 17:51

administrator   ~0031392

I've modified the description to include other issues that are triggered by this deficiency (the fact that OS integration settings aren't saved in Portable mode).


2012-08-30 19:47

administrator   ~0031739

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As for the suggested approaches, an ordinary script couldn't use b. or c., since there's no way how to let MM know about this. Option a. would be possible, but I'd rather avoid introduction of a new option, particularly since it wouldn't help users until they found it and turned on.

For that reason, I think that the best solution is the one I already proposed in 0008182:0029640 , i.e. to modify script to receive SDB object instance.


2012-08-30 23:42

developer   ~0031746

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As soon as 0009508 gets resolved I'll make changes to plugin and solve this.


2014-04-24 21:27

developer   ~0040103

Added Portable functionality in v1.1.0.30 which should be used with MMW 4.1.1+ User of <4.1 should use old plugin.


2014-10-28 18:22

administrator   ~0040836

Verified build 38.