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0012701MediaMonkey (current)Synchronizationpublic2016-12-19 16:47
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1.6 
Target Version4.1.7Fixed in Version4.1.7 
Summary0012701: iOS 8.3 sync often fails (hangs)
DescriptionBased on feedback here and also based on my tests iOS8 sync often fails after upgrade to iOS 8.3

Based on my tests (iTouch 5) the first sync after MM restart is always successful, but then any (randomly 5th or 7th) sync fails and any subsequent sync fails too (unless MM is restarted).

Additional Information#KUH-172-32877, CTV-486-98648
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Fixed in build1739


related to 0012678 resolvedLudek Lyrics not updated for existing track on iOS8 device 
related to 0012715 resolvedLudek iOS 8.3 sync is very slow for some users (and can crash on sync end) 
related to 0013784 closedLudek iOS13: Lyrics not shown in the Music app 



2015-04-13 12:24

developer   ~0042419

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Further testing revealed that it is realted to particular files.

Right clicking a file and Send to -> iPhone always fail for some files while always work for others.
It seems to be something in the file metadata that the iOS 8.3 devices don't like.


2015-04-13 14:01

developer   ~0042420

It hangs on songs with Lyrics, it is related to issue 0012678 , starting from iOS8 lyrics are not transferred via BPLISTs, but read from tag / looked up by iOS8 itself.


2015-04-13 14:03

developer   ~0042421

Fixed in


2015-04-15 23:59

developer   ~0042433

Verified 1739 No regression on <v8 iOS devices


2015-04-17 17:52

developer   ~0042445

User on forum reports it isn't resolved.

Exception EAccessViolation in module iTunesMobileDevice.dll at 663C9


2015-04-21 13:05

developer   ~0042453

Waiting for feedback:


2015-04-21 19:28

developer   ~0042457

No regression on iOS <v8 devices Verified 1740


2015-04-24 18:14

administrator   ~0042471

Tagging as resolved since we've decided to release this fix and since no users have reported with logs to the contrary. Should users report back with details for a bug that we can fix, we can re-open.


2015-04-28 08:31

developer   ~0042479

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The further issues experienced by some users (espacially slow sync times) are now tracked as 0012715

Closing this one...