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0013784MediaMonkey (current)Synchronizationpublic2020-04-01 21:39
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1.14 
Target Version4.1.28Fixed in Version4.1.28 
Summary0013784: iOS13: Lyrics not shown in the Music app
DescriptionSyncing tracks using MediaMonkey to an iOS 10 device:

- with Music app only some of the tracks has lyrics (e.g. Moby, 18, In My Hearth), but many tracks fails to show the lyrics (e.g. Sting, Brand New Day, Brand New Day)
- with Cesium music app _all_ songs are showing lyrics

Syncing tracks using iTunes to an iOS 10 device
- all tracks has lyrics with both Music and Cesium app
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Fixed in build1901


related to 0012701 closedLudek iOS 8.3 sync often fails (hangs) 
related to 0012678 resolvedLudek Lyrics not updated for existing track on iOS8 device 



2016-12-20 18:07

developer   ~0046648

Fixed in and merged to


2018-04-17 22:00

developer   ~0049988

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Based on user lyrics sync is broken with iOS11 again:


2018-04-18 12:28

developer   ~0050001

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I haven't been able to replicate with iOS 11.4 so far

I used these steps:
1) Deleted all songs from my iPod Touch using MM
2) Selected one (not well known) track in MM and changed lyrics to 'aaaaa'
3) Right-click the track > Send to > iPod Touch
4) Opened music app, tapped the track to start playback
5) clicked track artwork below to bring the Now Playing screen with large artwork
6) Scrolled down to show the lyrics
=> Lyrics 'aaaaa' are there

Asked more info via forum at


2018-05-31 20:35

developer   ~0050457

Closing for now Verified against 1867 user reports.


2020-03-04 09:50

developer   ~0057039

Lyrics fails to sync to the newer iOS 13.3 devices, reported in ZFC-421-21701 and confirmed on my device.


2020-03-11 12:42


Sync_00000000.plist (289,643 bytes)


2020-04-01 13:25

developer   ~0057435

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Fixed in and merged to


2020-04-01 21:39

administrator   ~0057447

Verified with iOS 13.4 / iTunes