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0012715MediaMonkey (current)Synchronizationpublic2015-06-02 21:45
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
PriorityimmediateSeverityminorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1.7 
Target Version4.1.8Fixed in Version4.1.8 
Summary0012715: iOS 8.3 sync is very slow for some users (and can crash on sync end)
DescriptionThere are reports of several users that iOS 8.3 sync is very slow,
reported here:

User Zs4 also noticed that tracks are not deleted from the device by MM

Additional Information
Fixed in build1745


related to 0012701 closedLudek iOS 8.3 sync often fails (hangs) 



2015-04-28 08:21

developer   ~0042478

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Waiting for more feedback, debug logs (as requested via the forum post)


2015-05-05 13:03

developer   ~0042500

Fixed partially in , still solving some issues via ticket #IPG-322-81402 ...


2015-05-06 15:20

developer   ~0042506

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There is also sync crash on sync end (iPhone 4S) + incomplete sync (ticket #IPG-322-81402)

Fixed in


2015-05-06 15:28

developer   ~0042507

Resolved for testing the fixes (various tweaks)


2015-05-07 09:23

developer   ~0042509

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Re-opened, based on the feedback from the user ticket #IPG-322-81402 the slowdowns still exist (device is getting slower and slower to reply during sync), so far it seems to be related to iPhone 4S models runnning iOS 8.3

I am going to get an iPhone 4S to test (no issues on iTouch 5)


2015-05-12 10:51

developer   ~0042521

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User from ticket #IPG-322-81402 confirmed that prolonging "grappa data" communication timeout solved the sync issues for him, they performed several successful synces and indicated that 526 songs synced/copied in 30 minutes. Still quite slow, but faster than before and mainly synced successfully.

Incorporated the fix into build


2015-05-14 10:53

developer   ~0042535

No regresson found on Older iOS devices Verified 1743


2015-05-17 12:45

developer   ~0042541

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Some users reported that there is AV in iTunesMobileDevice.dll and iPhone is not recognized.

They indicated that iTunes re-install solved the issue:

User rabiatorDLX indicated that fresh reboot of both PC and iPhone solved the slow sync issue for him.

We should probably cover it by KB article.


2015-05-19 22:44

developer   ~0042549

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User from ticket #JHP-476-37282 observed a crash with assertion in MediaMonkey64Helper.exe "Unknown Function: AFCFileRefWren"

Fixed in build


2015-06-02 21:45

developer   ~0042587

Verified 1745 closing after KB Gets updated