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0019560MediaMonkey 5Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)public2022-12-01 10:21
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Target Version5.1 
Summary0019560: Linked Album art can't be converted to artwork in tag
DescriptionIn Tracks properties Linked Album art can't be converted to artwork in tag easily, but currently user needs to go thru multip[le steps in order to get that Artwork into file tags.
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2022-11-14 21:56


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2022-11-15 09:13

developer   ~0070304

Not sure about correct behavior and best solution. If this is not done for all tracks with the same linked artwork (so it cannot be removed), it will lead to artwork duplication (one from tag and second from the folder). Maybe only add function to "Edit tags", which will move the artwork automatically for all affected tracks, not just for selected one.


2022-12-01 10:19

developer   ~0070470

Last edited: 2022-12-01 10:21

Test Note: If User remove Linked artwork from file MM already asks if user wants to delete linked image and prevent re adding it back on scan.

I think that conversion Linked to Tag should auto select tag for the rest of album tracks.

Best would be to at least partially support functions and behavior from Trixmoto "Album Art Tagger 5.2" script