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0019439MMASynchronizationpublic2023-06-20 16:05
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Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.1 
Summary0019439: Too many paths to sync, and no simple way to change the sync list on single-storage devices
DescriptionCurrently, the user can sync:
1) Via the sync wizard (for first time or subsequent syncs)
2) Via the Sync button which either:
a) syncs immediately
b) Goes through the storage location panel prior to syncing

This is a bit complicated as the user takes different paths to syncing. Also, the functionality of 2b) assumes that there is a greater need to choose which sync location is to be synced than there is a need to choose which content is to be synced. But that's not really the case; most users will modify the sync list more often than they want to change which location(s) are synced.

With that in mind, sync workflow can be simplified and adjusted to meet requirements as follows:

When the user clicks 'Sync'
--> Page 3 of the wizard (Sync Review) launches, though it (and the other wizard pages) would be modified slightly so that when it opens it doesn't appear as if page 3 of a wizard opened. The differences would be:
- The header would be the operation being performed. e.g. 'Sync Review'
- It wouldn't show the 3 steps at the top
- It would be modified with: a 'Skip this step next time' setting, with an explanation 'Skip this if you don't want to review or adjust sync settings before each sync.'
- The 'Back' link would be replaced with a 'Sync settings' link

- If the user wants to change which storage / content is synced, they can press the 'Sync settings' button, otherwise they click 'Sync Now'.
- If the user wants to skip the 'Sync Review' so that sync initiates right away, they can.
- There's no need for a 'Switch to wizard' button (which is confusing)
- There's a single / consistent workflow for syncing

Other string changes:
Skip sync storage selection --> Skip sync review

Don't prompt to choose storage locations to sync before syncing (use existing settings).
Skip the sync review page before syncing. Disable to adjust sync settings before each sync.
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2023-05-12 20:53

administrator   ~0071840

One of the key benefits of the sync storage selection dialog is that the user can click Sync and then either decide to go ahead with the sync operation OR change the configuration before proceeding. When this option is unavailable, the user is forced to go through the Options > Sync config.

However, the terminology and the implementation currently target devices that have both Internal storage and an SD card. The workflow should be modified/available as well to users with a single storage location.