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0019223MediaMonkey 5Playlistspublic2022-07-04 22:31
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.4Fixed in Version5.0.4 
Summary0019223: Some M3U playlists are not imported correctly
DescriptionHaving M3U file that uses relative paths to the music files like this:
then the actual M3U with following content works:

BUT with the following content it fails:

and is actually taking the file from C:\folder2\file.mp3 instead of

Additional InformationThe same exists in MM4

[Ticket # 4338]
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Fixed in build2656


related to 0019232 closedLudek Add option to display missing tracks in Playing list in different color when M3U file is dropped into it 



2022-06-27 15:18

developer   ~0068704

Fixed in


2022-06-27 21:45

developer   ~0068712

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Re-opened for re-evaluation as:

-- VLC, AIMP, iTunes treats paths beginning with backslash as relative
-- Foobar, Winamp, Window Media Player treats path beginning with backslash as absolute

So it is 3:3 where MM4+MM5 has also always taken it as absolute


2022-06-27 21:51

developer   ~0068713

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Based on
A single backslash, for example, "\directory" or "\file.txt". This is also referred to as an absolute path.

So we should really revert the "fix".

=> reverted in


2022-06-28 01:46

developer   ~0068715

Reopen and assigned to me for testing all cases of apps and devices.

Correction of 0019223:0068712 : AIMP prefers relative over absolute, but also treat "\" as absolute in some cases.

NOT: Assign back to @Ludek for implementation after all cases and steps are entered.


2022-06-28 10:34

developer   ~0068717

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Test steps:
1. Extract sample ZIP file to ROOT of any HDD/USBFlash/... (Must be in root)
2. Go to f:\test playlists\
3. Drag And Drop Playlists to MM5 player and confirm they play
4. Repeat same with AIMP (Note "tracks root.m3u" tracks (File info) will point to "?:\Test playlists\\Test Music\"
5. Copy Full Path from AIMP File info -> Use MM5 File Open file/url -> Paste -> Track will play (which means MM already support paths with "\\" withing full path)
5. Rename "?:\Test playlists\Test Music\" -> "?:\Test playlists\1Test Music\"
6. Drag and drop "tracks root.m3u" to AIMP and check file info they will now show "?:\Test Music\" (Which means AIMP also follow Windows file naming like MM)

Reason for such behavior is that like I pointed in chat thread Android and Linux devices uses mount points and "\folder\x.mp3" from SD card on those systems actually refer to "\storage\SDcard\folder\x.mp3" and such behavior from AIMP is prefered because it automatically first check ".\folder\x.mp3" and if it is missing then checks "?:\folder\x.mp3" thus on all apps "tracks with dot.m3u" works and point to same file.

Conclusion: Only thing that is missing in MM to behave like any other app is that paths to files in playlists that starts with "\" (excluding UNC Paths that start with "\\") firstly auto check as ".\" and if files exist then use that path and if not check "\" according to Windows filenaming rules.e

NOTE: I would also not use "?:\folder\\folder1\x.mp3" even MM auto ignore \\ and translate to \ in order to play file, but correct naming "?:\folder\folder1\x.mp3"

TEST NOTE: MM never writes playlist with "\folder\x.mp3" but use "folder\x.mp3" and also make use of "..\" which is full complaint to windows file naming rules.

Behavior is tested on Windows Apps, QNAP apps, Car Head unit, Hardware mp3 player and playlists with "folder\x.mp3", ".\folder\x.mp3" always work "\folder\x.mp3" work from device to device QNAP Media center for example do not import such playlists, same goes with MMS


2022-06-28 14:11

developer   ~0068724

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OK, so there are two solutions:

1) just resolve as "no change required" as treating /file as absolute path is correct and MM has always treated it like this.
Also user from the ticket # 4338 agrees and is creating an app to remove the leading backslashes.

2) Implement the "hack" suggested.
 i.e. whenever '\folder\file' does not exist then search for 'folder\file' and if it exists then use it.


2022-06-28 14:24

developer   ~0068725

The hack 2) implemented in 2656


2022-07-04 22:31

developer   ~0068780

Verified 2656

Test Note: use steps from 0019223:0068717 to confirm change 2655 vs 2656