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0018804MediaMonkey for AndroidUI (general)public2022-06-02 01:44
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Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0018804: Side Menu UI: Due the lots of scrolling we should add few quick icons on expanded side menu
DescriptionDue the lots of scrolling we should add few quick icons on expanded side menu eg. OPTIONS as Show always and BUY/GET HELP if MMA is FREE/PRO.

Space where those icons would be shown is not changed in both details or icon sidebar view, so they do not break UI.
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Fixed in build1017


related to 0019021 newmartin UI Scaling: Side menu line height can be smaller on lower res screens 



2022-02-03 14:34


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2022-02-03 14:55

developer   ~0066839

Exactly, there is too much scrolling, but I think adding only these two icons does not solve it.
I will add some proposals soon.


2022-02-11 18:10

developer   ~0066930

Improved left panel + optimalization for tablets.
Fixed in build


2022-03-04 18:04

administrator   ~0067192

Last edited: 2022-03-04 18:07

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1) Changing the location of the help button depending on whether MM has been registered isn't a good idea (I for one was confused as to where the 'help' icon disappeared--it was initially displaying and then was replaced by the cart. I would just get rid of the shopping cart from that portion of the menu.

2) I would also remove the 'Navigation' and 'Options' shortcuts at the bottom of the screen, as most users won't understand difference between Settings and Options (and most of the functions in Options aren't currently working).
2b) Add the following entry to Settings:

Upgrade to MediaMonkey Pro

 MediaMonkey for Android
 Copyright 2022, Ventis Media, Inc.

 Version x.x
 License: Standard [Upgrade to Pro] / Pro / other
 [License Agreement]

 [Provide feedback]
Let us know about a bug or problem.

 [Send logs...]
Submit a bug report with debug logs.

 [Test pre-release builds...]


2022-03-04 21:57

developer   ~0067200

1)help icon never disappears, only appears when MMA is upgraded to pro, so you suggest displaying help icon also in lite version, right?

re 2b) Add the following entry to Settings:... Do you mean add it to existing General category or where? So everything moved from About MediaMonkey dialog, which will not be used anymore, right?


2022-03-04 22:27

administrator   ~0067202

1) Yes

2b) I mean move it to the Settings dialog in an 'About' entry following 'General'. Note: I still plan on a complete review of the Settings section, so there may be a bit more tweaking within the settings. The key point at this stage is getting rid of the Navigation/Options entries at the bottom of the Menu.


2022-03-16 17:12

developer   ~0067320

Fixed in build


2022-06-02 00:56

developer   ~0068377

Much better in 1018, I would like to have 0019021 fixed as it just looks bit odd to need to scroll up 10px in order to see all default menu entries


2022-06-02 01:44

administrator   ~0068384

Verified 1018.