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0018458MMADBpublic2023-03-24 19:47
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
PrioritynoneSeverityminorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version2.0.1Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0018458: Grant Access to SDcard fail
DescriptionUser from Ticket # 2974 complained that he can't grant access to SDcard.

In order that MMA can save settings unless Root of SDcard was selected to grant access.

Steps to reproduce:
Follow Grant Access wizard and if after last step it do not grant access and it return to MMA dialog that some storage needs permissions then user needs to select SDcard root in order to allow MMA to access SDcard.
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Fixed in build1014


related to 0018853 closedmartin Permissions: Some devices require that MM is allowed to root of SDcard and not just Music folder 
related to 0019887 resolvedmartin Permission problems when syncing to SD Cards and/or non-standard directory 



2022-08-30 10:25

developer   ~0069090

Last edited: 2022-08-30 10:25

TreeUri permission is not able to be granted for whole storage since Android 11. MMA does not require it since MMA at least.
Fixed in build


2023-02-23 14:39

developer   ~0071214

Verified 1070 Android 9,10, 13 (Samsung S23)